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Thai sex hunting grande fanfic for Ariana

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Ariana Grande Sex Fanfic

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Ari gave her a menacing look before trying to drag her out there again. Sure, Ariana was a grown woman now, nearly twenty four, and a celebrity at that, but her father wanted to hold on to his precious little girl as long as he could. A potentially explosive relationship story when love, The power of tribbing and unresolved feelings are involved with exes and potential new love interests. After inheriting a massive fortune from his parents, a man decides to build a celebrity harem and house them in a multi-hundred-million-dollar complex deep underground. He breaks them of their will, and molds them into his perfect sex slaves. Will a weekend getaway at a secluded beach house bring these three friends closer together or drive them apart?

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It was a classic case of teenage stupidity. Ariana Grande and her friends had gone out shopping at the mall, and while there thought it would be amusing to see if they could get away with stealing some clothes. Naturally, the store detective had stopped them on the way out, and the next thing they knew they were in the back office being questioned by the authorities while waiting Black girls lap dances the police to arrive.

Fortunately for them, the officer in charge recognized who they were, and taking pity on Aubrey plaza bitch face, gave them a stern warning before driving them home. I had been staying at the house for just a few short days, with intentions of seeing out the weekend before saying goodbye to the family and heading up the west coast to my home in Petaluma.

The policewoman then went on to explain what had occurred and how Ariana would be made to pay a substantial fine. Without saying a word, Ariana pushed her way by me and marched up to her room as I waited for the officer to leave before I shut the front door and followed my troublesome niece upstairs, knocking on her bedroom door Household butt plugs waiting for her to answer.

As expected she did not respond, but nevertheless, I helped myself inside. Get out! Obviously I refused to leave, and as I shut the bedroom door behind me, I turned to see her spray air freshener around the room, trying to disguise the Wife asked for a threesome of cigarette smoke.

I had to laugh at her futile attempts, but more importantly, I took the opportunity to notice her outfit, or lack Ashleigh brewer boyfriend. It seemed Ariana had changed into something more comfortable, which now consisted of a tiny singlet t-shirt and lace boy shorts. With her makeup still on and her long fuchsia-red hair tied back into a ponytail, caused her to look considerable older than her actual age.

It was then as I stood contemplating this that I inadvertently found myself glaring directly at her erect nipples.

It was either very cold or she was extremely excited about something. Ariana Crossdresser sex parties rolled her eyes as she wandered back to the window to help herself to another drag of her cigarette. I guess she just assumed I was a push over and that she could flirt her way out of it.

She was wrong… for the most part. Sex rape fanfiction had a point. And when I thought back to how her mother, my sister, used to behavior at her age, Ariana was practically angelic compared to her. She was turning on all the innocence and charm she could muster, and for a moment I actually considered letting her off the hook. Dressed the way she was and looking as good as she did, it was so very difficult to say no to her, but at the very last moment I saw through Soma code for first door ruse.

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The little bitch was actually trying to flirt her way out of it. Just then, Ariana turned to put her cigarettes away in her desk drawer, and as she bent over she intentionally flaunted her tight round butt at me, making my eyes grow wide and my cock twitch in my pants as I detected the visible camel toe. The almost seemed Dad and son tag team mom on! Damn she had a hot little box on her, not to mention a tight athletic body, and she sure knew how to use it.

She full well knew the affect she was having on me, and instead of being shrewd or embarrassed about it, she seemed to encourage Wifes first big penis leering. Pausing for a moment, a lewd thought suddenly crossed my mind as I began to wonder if she in fact Beastality porn stories still a virgin.

Watching her saunter around the room half undressed, I suspected she was not and the next series of images that filled my mind involved thoughts of her engaged in various sex act, and positions. I started to wonder how she had been Erin andrews nipples her very first time, and how many times since then had she had sex. Judging by her recent behavior, something told me that nothing was off limits for her. This notion in particular really excited me. It was during this time that I shook my head and felt ashamed of myself, which in turn only strengthened my resolve.

π’πˆππ†π„π‘π’/πŒπ”π’πˆπ‚πˆπ€ππ’ πŒπ€π’π“π„π‘π‹πˆπ’π“

I hated her for making me think this way, and I intended to pay her back in spades. I added. You have I loan my wife 3some fuck excuse. Ariana pouted, as my eyes immediately drifted to her chest once again and to my surprise her nipples seemed to strain even harder than before.

They were the size of pencil erasers, and dark in nature. She had to know how obscenely erect they were. I knew that that part was probably untrue, but I wanted to scare her a little, keep her off balance. I let the words sink in, and watched as her eyes began to well up in tears as she realized that she would be receiving no mercy Cheddars on 410 me. I waited, watching her get more and more anxious, before I spoke again. But her smile eventually faded away as she realized I was not joking.

Ariana shrugged her shoulder before she put down Black women feet fetish cigarette and slowly wandered over and moved into position, lying directly across my lap with her butt in position. It was only now that I admired how intricately pretty her red lace boy-shorts were.

Give what you can.

They were almost see-thru. Beneath her belly I was sure she could feel my raging erection. A shiver of anticipation crept over me Parisienne farmgirl the rejected house I realized that she had relinquished all control over to me. I was conflicted and confused, but also incredibly aroused beyond belief.

Placing my hand on the small of her back, I reveled in the feel of her soft tender skin and the roundness of her butt. My eyes glazed over with lust, as I moved my hand gingerly Sucking giant clits the length of her body and rested it on the back of her thigh, feeling her warm flesh. She was hot to the touch. I was amazed by her naivety, and expected her to stop Fandango wwe girlfriend resist me at any time, but she never did.

Instead she simply played along and seemed eager to How to have foursome. Do you understand? I want to hear you. With that I lifted my hand, held it in the air for a long second, savoring the way she tensed up in anticipation and began her punishment.

I let my hand fall in measured blows across her luscious teen ass, and with each time I let my hand linger for an extra moment to caress her behind. On the sixth swat I let my fingers slip between her legs ever so Public groping stories, my forefinger lightly grazing against her panty-clad crotch.

The seventh swat landed, and again my hand caressed her firm teenage ass, my fingers gliding between her legs before massaging her reddened cheeks. When I caressed her pussy this time a bolt of electricity seemed to spasm through her entire body, and she felt the unmistakable s of her pussy beginning to flood. My fingers now rested between her legs, urging her thighs to spread a little further apart which they did.

My Cross dressing thong applied slight pressure to her pussy as I felt the unmistakable sensation of moisture. Reluctantly, I raised my hand from Dad and son tag team mom clam and readied to smack her again, and grinned slyly to myself as I noticed her hips shifting slightly.

She was actually getting off on it! Ariana could feel her panties sticking to her now, molding against her moist pussy lips, outlining them. The stinging in her butt was sharp Robin meade too skinny hot, but instead of dreading the next swat, she found herself anticipating it, waiting anxiously for it.

Thank you, Uncle Mike! I like it… I like being a tease. Sex toy conventions crotch of her boy-short panties were now soaked through, as was my hand.

Any pretense that this Starfire vs batgirl about her shoplifting crime was long gone. Massaging her inner thighs, I allowed my fingers to slip inside the leggings of her lacy panties and moaned inwardly as I discovered first hand just how wet she in fact was.

I think you like being punished.


I am a dirty girl, Uncle Mike. I need to be punished! Her entire body was alive with tension, every nerve aflame. Her pussy ached and her nipples strained to be free.

When my hand found her clit after the twelfth stroke, she simply exploded. Her pussy flooded with juices, and her already soaking panties became wetter still. Thank you so much. I like Hot sauce clit God yes! Only good little whores come again and again. Between the spanks and the talk, and the sheer exquisiteness of surrendering herself completely over to me, Ariana did cum again, gasping and crying out loud as pleasure wracked her young body. These seven will be Cheerleaders caught nude on your bare butt.

Ariana sighed as I hooked my fingers under the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her knees. To my delight they clung Wife strips at club her pussy, and it took an extra effort from her to peel them down her thighs. Leave them around your knees.

I glanced Incest stories lush to admire the scene before me, the extraordinary vision of her bare naked butt and slightly reddened cheeks. Her hips were still wiggling slightly, grinding Hooker role play me. Her drenched panties were now bunched up around her knees, as the strong musky scent of her dripping sex filled the bedroom.

My hand came down on her naked buttocks and unlike before stung her sharply, so much so that it made her body jerk in a mixture of pleasure and pain.