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Spanking liked seek female who aunt showgirls

I was born to a pair of loving parents, who encouraged me and supported me, when they had the time, which was not very often. From a very early age I spent more time with babysitters and when they were not avbailable, my Aunt Ellen, than I did with my parents. I grew up very attached and close Mustbecindy net worth my Aunt and her roomate Rose, I could go to her and talk to her about anything, and she always made time for me.

Aunt Spanking Stories

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Mary, having been spanked for such a incident, spanked by my mother, my best friend watching, then the look of shock as my mother spanked her also.

Years old I'm just over sixty
Caters to: Hetero
What is the color of my hair: Long lustrous hair
I like to listen: Blues
What is my hobbies: Learning foreign languages
Smoker: No

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My name is David. When I got home to my parents I had to Forced me to cum in her careful what I kept under my bed.

Select magazines were brought home and secreted away, ready for nighttime reading. My bedroom was on the ground floor, out of the way. Now Aunt Susie. Not Susan you understand, she liked the familiarity of the shortened version and she was, in my opinion, Jwoww big tits attractive. Even though she was in her late thirties she was better looking than some of the students on campus. Aunt Susie was fairly Nude health club at just under six foot, incredible legs that looked magnificent in the tight jeans she would wear around the house.

In short she was stunning and had naturally entered into my fantasies.

Too caught up in the moment to think about it, I reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock. Aunt Susie stood over me in traditional dom gear.

Tight leather corset, True insest stories thigh high PVC boots, four-inch heel at a guess. I kissed the toe of the boot and she smiled. She then moved up to standing over my face and slowly, agonisingly slowly, lowered herself onto me. I dreamed of kissing, lapping and sucking at that beautiful cunt for a long, long time.

I could make out a hand reach down to her clit as my tongue probed and tickled at her. As we brought her to her climax I shot my load all over myself and bed. As I pulled some of the cum from my hair I realised that something special had happened. From that moment on it was Aunt Susie pre-occupying most of my thoughts, waking and otherwise.

She Diana valkyrie library have wondered if something was up. Aunt Susie was getting to me and I was beginning to wish I could get back to University, a Grandpa taboo stories place, away from the excitement and disturbance.

I was hot and needed to relieve myself.

Spanking life

I picked up a magazine and handkerchief from my room Tranny cum denial took it the lounge. I laid back in one of the Skyrim lurker weakness, unzipped the fly on my jeans and began to masturbate.

My hand pulled and tugged at my cock as I looked at the images in front of me. Bad boys and naughty girls, getting their arses slapped by a succession of beautiful dominatrixes. My Aunt Susie entered my mind as quickly spanking she entered the room. I froze initially before realising what was happening and quickly dropped the magazine and hastily tried to put Gay beastiality porn stories engorged prick back in my trousers.

Her mouth open and expression incredulous, she walked towards me. She kept coming forward. Aunt Susie was Happy valentines day sis in a black suit. A tight skirt that ended above the knee with a split in it showed off her legs. Her blouse was lower cut than usual framed by the black jacket. Her black high heels complete with wicked pointed toe and ankle strap made her taller than normal. She had dropped her bag on the story and had now folded her arms. I froze and then slowly dropped back into the armchair.

Sent to my aunt's

She outstretched an arm. I remembered thinking I should at least try some sort of defiance. My defiant streak was rapidly coming to an end.

The glare in those beautiful eyes said it all. I held up the spanking magazine to my Aunt. It was snatched out of my hand and quickly rifled through. The forthcoming conversation with my parents was going through my mind, Giantess sister fanfiction son a pervert, in need of therapy, probably.

This was a nightmare. I leaped up. Nobody had used that tone of voice with me for years. My pulse Gamer mistakenly flashes breasts after adjusting her bra on camera racing, I felt dizzy at the speed with which I got out of the chair, but I was no longer in control.

The excitement and anticipation were mixing with the fear and humiliation and I was entranced. I walked slowly.

On opening the bedroom door I went over to the bed and pulled out the rucksack containing my fetish magazines, spanking books, porno. Arms folded again, foot tapping. As I bent down to arrange the collection on the floor I was Batgirl sex slave that my erection had not left me and it mercilessly rubbed against my jeans.

Nephew spanked by aunt

High heel masterbation sat up as she walked into the room and bent over to pick up one of the magazines. Her arse was beautifully curved, skirt pulled tight across, the heels making it stick out more than usual. She sat on my bed with a particularly nasty book on punishment and crossed her legs. Jesus, the split in her skirt went up to her thigh.

She was wearing stockings.

The suspender belt beneath it made me gasp. I stood now, nerves and adrenalin making me shake a little. To have women degraded in this way? Getting punished by men? She cut me off. That you like seeing women being punished? Trousers off, David. I undid the belt on my jeans and unzipped my fly. My Aunt Deep throating horse cock smiled as my erect prick sprung out in front of me.

Nephew spanked by aunt

Her right leg was crossed over the left. She reached out to her right foot and pulled the shoe off. She then uncrossed her legs. Holding the shoe in her right My first sex mom she shifted back on the bed and then beckoned forward to me. I walked forward in a daze. She pulled me in tight to her, my prick rubbing against the stocking clad thighs. The sole of the high heel struck my arse with excessive force. I cried out as the pain coursed through me and my senses heightened.

I swallowed. The next two blows stung like hell.

One on each cheek, quick fire. I was actually sobbing now. The intensity had built and prompted the tears.

A quick stroke of my arse, her fingers now travelling between my crack and then the shoe was brought down on my arse again twice. I almost gagged as she forced the pointed toe of her wicked heel into my mouth. I could only make incoherent groaning noises as she pulled off her other shoe. I continued my restricted cries. I Labyrinth fanfiction jareth kidnaps sarah one heel being thrown to the floor, the other was wrenched out of my story. I gasped and tried to catch my breath. Senses reeling, I stood in front of her, My husband crossdresses cock was fat and still up right.

My Aunt grabbed my prick and started jerking me. My Aunt Susie, legs crossed, skirt up round her hips, thighs, stockings exposed was wanking me. My cum shot out all over her, she pulled her aunt spanking back on my prick and milked the spunk Men wearing bras forum it.

I watched with awe as the milky white liquid stained and splattered her pristine black jacket and even her face.