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The following is a guest post detailing one woman's experience using Bliss Intimate Oil.

Cabin Fever Lubricant

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Wicked Hot Wednesday! Inspired by ancient rituals and formulated to evoke your intimate essence, Purient Bedroom Cannabis is combines natural lubricating oils with an essential cannabis blend to provide a pure, pleasurable experience.

Age 30
Figure features: My body type is thin
Music: Classical
In my spare time I love: Collecting
Smoker: Yes

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With four distinct cannabisnovices and experts alike can get exactly what they want without dropping strain names. Plymouth Cask is our in-house brand of expertly crafted concentrates.

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Using cutting-edge extraction methods, Plymouth Cask is a nod to Massachusetts's exquisite craft heritage. For those who choose to chew, these Hexies are going to be your go-to gummy fruity snack.

Great for controlling your dosage and easy to use, the gummies are available in various flavors. Hexies 10 Packs contain ten servings, with each chew containing approximately 5mg of THC. The only thing we love better than our beautifully crafted bars of milk or dark chocolate is that the chocolate is sustainably and responsibly sourced from Latin America, where they employ small farms and local artisans to produce the highest quality product as selected by our chef.

Loud female orgasim craft these delicious mini cookies right on site.

Each cookie contains approximately 5mg of THC and, the name says it all: they are one sweet treat. Thank goodness we sell them in 2 packs because you'll be wanting more! A handcrafted hard caramel with a hint of cannabis; now that's a melt-in-your-mouth match made in heaven. Perfect for dosing while you are on the Guys using pocket pussies.

Elevate your snacking with our take on a cheese wafer. With a biscuit-like consistency and a blend of sharp cheddar, savory spices, and a little heat, Nosh makes for a delicious little bite! Since coconut MCT is so quickly digested, it's often used as an immediate source of energy Succubus erotic stories your body, making our Infused Coconut MCT Oil a great addition to sal, smoothies, and other healthy food options.

We all know the health benefits and incredible versatility of olive oil - you can use it for everything from sauces and sal dressings to baking and basting.

My cannabis lube experiment with bliss intimate oil

Step it up a notch! Drizzle your dose of cannabis while adding a delicious, robust flavor to any dish Hidden sex furniture Terrene Infused Olive Oil. Attune is our ature brand of topical cannabis products and is an excellent consumption method. It offers localized relief from pain, rashes, inflammation, or muscle soreness without the high of cannabis-infused products. Add Attune medicated lotions to your regime and soothe away the day's stressors.

Cultivate your sexual experience with an all natural, oil based cannabis lubricant. Made with all-natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, Cabin Fever increases blood flow to the application area for a heightened adventure. This medicated lip balm infuses beeswax and other essential oils that moisturize Marie-claude bourbonnais fucking contact with just a hint of cooling mint.

This is a perfect way Taboo girls tumblr protect your lips from the elements. This all-purpose skin balm will soothe, protect, and promote skin healing using our herbal blend of moisturizing oils, shea butter, and beeswax. Inspired by tattooed skin, Salvation is a great product for making wearable art stand out and remain vibrant. Please confirm you are at least 21 years old By entering this site, you accept our use of cookies and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms Yes, I am.

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