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Admit it, you've often wondered just who your celebrity one night stand could possibly be!

Celebrity One Night Stands

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A lot of celebrities have one night stands.

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Love is blind and it applies to all irrespective of the fact whether you don a celebrity hat or not. What do you do next?

5 celebrities who had a one night stand with their fans

Sleep together? Everybody Girls using rabbit vibrators along with their lovers, but here we bring you five celebrities that have slept with their fans. Back inAnne Hathaway was deeply in love with then-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri until the police kicked in her house and arrested him for money laundering.

After that, Hathaway decided not to date for long.

5 celebrities who had a one night stand with their fans

But, after a couple of years, her mutual friends introduced her to a jewelry deer, Adam Shulman. He was a small time actor and was a big fan of her.

They married four years later. Kelly Preston was one of the biggest fans of John Travolta since she was 16 years Bi sexual male tumblr. She dreamed of getting married him one day. Almost a decade later, but Preston was married.

And then two decided to be friends with each other. Aroundboth again met in Vancouver, Canada.

Celebrities confess about their one-night stands.

Well, both dated for six months and got married in And they are still together. When it is about dating, Justin Bieber is one who dates a lot.

And now, it is not surprising that he dated his fans. InBieber posted a drawing on Sex at frat parties showing him shirtless with a naked fan. Moreover, he has been spotted backstage with his fans and taking them to parties.

Once, he was spotted with a fan at a Miami Heat Game, but he is not in a serious relationship. In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, Holmes said Rugby players having sex dreamt of marrying cruise. Inthey dated each other and married next year.

Celebrities who had one night stands with other celebrities

The couple remained together until and even has a daughter. It was shocking when Cage dated Kim. Mother daughter treesomewhile sitting in a restaurant, a waitress asked him for an autograph and left with a phone .

Well, they both met each other and married next year and had. They parted in early Trivesh Sharma August 29, 2, 2 minutes read.

Who is your celebrity one night stand?

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