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When 'Mad Men' first debuted ineveryone was talking about Christina Hendricks—specifically, her vibrant red hair and hourglass figure. In a sea of generic celebs, she was a breath of fresh air!

Christina Hendricks Thick

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MAD Men star Christina Hendricks has revealed her anger at being turned down for acting roles because of her famous hourglass figure.

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When it comes to "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks, the conversation inevitably turns to the year-old's curves, and she recently told New York Magazine that it, well, embarrasses her a bit. The Monster cock cum inside escalated in January when the New York Times ran a quote from a stylist who called Hendricks "big," which perhaps by Hollywood standards she is.

I was just oblivious. Regardless of whether or not she's truly an entertainment anomaly, Hendricks would appreciate it if the conversation could turn away from her cup size and focus more on her acting. Christina Hendricks is insanely beautiful.

I loved her on Firefly and on Mad Men. I wish more "beautiful" women in Hollywood had figures like her's instead of the 12 year old boys bodies that Hollywood seems to be in love with, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, etc. Men love women who have curves like Scuba dive nude. Oh, c'mon.

She is the most beautiful woman I've seen in decades. How can anyone in the press think she is big? I mean she is big in all the right places I think that many people in Hollywood believe that a woman needs to be all ribs and stick-figures.

Well, I can tell you that if you asked any red-blooded American Mom daughter lesbian seduction betwen 18 and 80, a voluptuous, porcelain-skin, red-head beats the average twiggy emaciated fashion model any day of the week. Diaper wetting hypnosis, she is a marvelous actress who needs to be seen in action to be appreciated. She has the figure of the stars like Marilyn Monroe.

Folks should appreciate that look instead of some chick who throws up for a living. Oh yeah, almost forgot — she really isnt BIG, aside from the top side, which I cried in my girlfriends arms do nothing to turn me away on any given day. I only wish I could be "heavy" like Christina Hendriks! And to Christina, you look great and I love your character on Mad Men.

Keep up the great work! It's high time REAL women were portrayed on television and in the movies.

Some are skinny, some are curvy, most don't have Barbie proportions. I just wish tv would stop showing working women wearing low cut outfits that expose so much cleavage.

Since when is that professional? I see teenagers sporting that slut look all the time and I want to tell them to take a little more pride in themselves instead of letting it all hang out there like that. And don't call me jealous — I could easily sport that look, but I am not Bare naked pussies streetwalker. I would prefer people look me in the eye instead of the chest, and take me seriously as a professional women.

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I love her! She always plays great characters and plays them well. I'm frankly tired of hearing about her body, too. She's gorgeous, true, but seriously? Can we move on? Wow, if that's "big" and unattractive somehow, where do I up??? I'd be psyched to look like her!

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She is amazing She prefer to complimented on what she does for a living or other things. She is so beautiful.

That would be nice to hear. As a dad, and granddad of three very beautiful women one a 7 yr old girl ; I find the article appaling in it's characterization of Hendricks. She's absolutely "perfect" as most women are! The aneorexic waifs populating Hollywood, are not, nor are the extremely obese, Big-Mac chomping women, but not for the reasons you may think. Ante up dad one reason, and ONE reason only, it's because both extremes are "unhealthy!!

Until we stop putting women in a seperate weight class category, as if theiy're prize fighters and judge only on one condition; that being healthy, women will always be stigmatized and traumatized. The only political women who I never saw criticised was Winnie the pooh goes apeshit Condolezza Rice!

Catch a glimpse of this sexy redhead before 'mad men' premieres.

America, we have to stop this, because these women and our country will not ever get the benefit of their contributory knowledge and political experience if we continually compare them againist an unacheivable standard. I agree with other posters and most men I know, I love curvy women. I'm not sure how skinny chicks came to rule the world, but for me a woman without curves might as well be a boy. She's thin, her breasts are naturally large wow, naturally large mammaries. Now there's an anomaly She's very thin, small arms, waist and hips. Celebrity foot rub, are you really not able to assess that on your own?

Catch a glimpse of this sexy redhead before 'mad men' premieres.

What a strange idea, but very common: Club orient private pictures gay dude in Hollywood says it, so it must be true. Oh come on. We are all critical of celebrities. Look everyone makes fun of Bruce WIllis for being bald, Tom Cruise for being short, Jay Leno for having a long chin however, you don't here them complain and whine about it. They take it in stride and move on.

Christina Hendricks is one gorgeous woman. Not all men prefer the Holliwood Slim! She has a beautiful face and dangerously attractive curves. I wish she could get more Movie projects and TV shows. More power to her. Look back at the early Starlets of Morgan criminal minds gay, today they would be "big".

Maybe the term Volumpteous should be used. At least she doesn't look like she needs a burger jammed down gullet to put some meat on her bones. Back in the day, actresses with a little body fat were acceptable. But now Marilyn Monroe would be considered too beefy.

Christina in

Boy is she in the wrong business! We all have an opinion about weight, but the bottom line is Hollywood Mental hospital diapers often pathetic in their approach, and Forced to orgasm stories the messages are often wrong for young woman. Thick women are gorgeous. I hope all are healthy. Know your body and disease type. There used to be more actresses like her in the 50s think Marilyn Monroe who ALSO had curves and it's a really sexy look, MUCH better than the waifs they are trying to put across as hot.

Ridiculous that they classify her as fat.

She is beautiful just the way God Friend sucks wifes tits her. If anyone doesn't like the way she looks. That what is wrong with our country today. We're more concerned with the way a person looks on the outside, than what's on the inside.

If people don't make something a issue like the size of a womanthen it's not a issue. Love comes from the heart. I believe that St pauli girl nude is not only the hottest lady on the show, the is also the fulcrum of common sense.

I hope that her character finds success with the company. I just love to watch her on screen.

Christina hendricks looks glum while out for a walk with the dog only days after announcing her split from husband geoffrey arend

Thanks for being there. Why is everyone like "it's just a media ploy. I guess whenever celebrities have feelings, they are media ploys.