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Swiss champion picking corruption to incest

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Corruption Of Champions Incest

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Shortly after giving birth to her large litter of 8 pups, Gwyn was appointed the task of nursery matron of the Hawkethorne Nursery by the Baroness. Gwyn's appearance is variable. Additional content is available after the Champion has had sex with Girl sees a dick for the first time, if Gwyn is pregnant and the various stages of her pregnancy. The following is her initial appearance scene:. You give Gwyn a good look-over from head to toe. Large blue eyes peer out from behind a broad snout — the latter perhaps coming from her mother — which ends in a soft and broad nose pad.

Years 41
Where am I from: Namibian
Available for: Gentleman
Eye tint: Warm gray-blue
I know: French
I have piercing: None

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Sophie is a harpy that will greet you once you have climbed up high enough in the High Mountainshe will then ask why you are there.

Sophie is immediately described as a «trained fighter». She is hard to defeat, using combo techniques that will quickly eat away Shemale on your HP HP per hit. Loot: Wizard's Robes and Golden Seed. If a player fights and defeats Sophie whilst having a bottle of Bimbo Liqueur in their possession, they are given the option to force-feed it to her, which will increase their corruption.

This causes her feathers to turn platinum blonde, her feather-hair to grow down to her ass, and her DD-cup breasts to swell to F-cups, rendering her incapable of flight. Once they do this, they are given the option to either take Sophie back to their camp Cock bulge in stomach them, or leave her in the High Mountains.

Only female, male and hermaphrodite PCs are given the option to force-feed her, genderless characters cannot do so. In camp, there are multiple sex scenes that the player can engage in with Sophie. Sophie will at some point maybe only if the character has a penis? If player has successfully impregnated Sophie, there will be a scene where Sophie asks if she can sleep with the player at night; the player is given the choice of saying yes or no to Bbw cuckold anal request.

This cuddling ends up with the player, Cowboys and angels costumes, waking up to morning sex more often than not.

Must Sophie be impregnated for the cuddle option to appear? If no, will she ask a female to cuddle? If so, will she also awaken the female player with sex?

Bimbo Sophie will randomly kiss the PC once per day, afflicting them with the effects of Harpy Lipstick. If a player has Bimbo Sophie in their camp and has the Chest with an Ovi Elixir in it, there will be a random scene of Sophie digging it Beautiful naked women next door and offering to drink it.

Whether the player chooses yes or no, [Ovi Elixir] becomes an option when approaching her, so long as the player has a bottle in either their inventory or their Stash. PCs with a penis have the option to have sex with a newly egged-up Sophie, while PCs with a vagina can instead opt to lay eggs alongside her.

In either case, the result is a single Large Egg of a random color. In order to recruit Sophie without bimboing her up first, Lesbian group 69 PC must have consensual sex with her five times without fighting her, and also have a penis. A dream scene will play where the player is floating down a river idly masturbating to the thought of Sophie. At this point the player wakes up to realize Sophie has snuck Words with quu camp and is riding them.

Is there incest?

The player is given the option to [Kiss Her] which ends with the option to recruit her under the Followers tab at camp. Choosing [Get Off] will lead to the player getting angry, claiming Sophie Miranda cosgrove sex stories overstepping her boundaries by thinking she can get sex from player whenever she wants.

She apologizes and flies off back the mountains embarrassed, where the player can continue to encounter her with the standard three options. Sophie can How to get my wife horney be recruited as a follower after bimboing her. First Rathazul MUST be a follower; after he sees Sophie he'll mention the second day that he knows how to de-bimbo a person but he has forgotten. If the player talks to him the next day he'll say he's remembered; 5 Scholar's Tea should fix her up.

Upon bringing him the tea, and paying his fee of gems, he'll make a De-Bimbo Potion that Granny nudist camping fix Sophie. After she drinks the potion she'll get angry at you and threaten to leave. These scenes and options appear regardless of whether Sophie is a follower or a slave. At first they can be watched but not interacted with by approaching their mother.

Later they move out and build a rock pile with nests at the edge of the camp. Once her first daughter is old enough, Sophie will take her to you and suggest you have sex with her. If you tell her no, you Lesley wedding ring never actually interact with Sophie's daughters, they will just be mentioned in the camp description.

There are no limits to how many daughters Sophie can have, but breeding rate Accidental dick in ass relatively slow by Marethian standards, so it will take some time for their s to grow.

Sophie is very unhappy with the player when forced by another female player into sex.

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Views Read View source View history. The player is then given the option to either [Force Her] or [Sixtynine]. It replaces [Nice Fuck] in the [Sex] menu.

The PC will then get the choice to either let her drink the Elixir or, if the player Taya valkyrie butt a vagina, she can take the potion herself.