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While managing this acrobatic act, she still had the presence of mind to cut me off in mid-speech. Next time, though, I'll hold myself open and you'll put just the head in.

Cum In Daughter Stories

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Share Story. My Daughter turn into my little cum slut. You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details.

Years old 24
What is my nationaly: Russian
Eyes: Brilliant hazel eyes
Color of my hair: Short wavy honey-blond hair
Body features: My figure features is skinny
I like to drink: Brandy
Other hobbies: Reading
Smoker: No

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I am a freelance therapist and a single dad.

I live with my two daughters which has always been fun and interesting. My Sharing the girlfriend who are now in their twenties, and if I do say so myself, are beautiful both inside and out.

Author's notes

They mostly take after their mom who passed away when they were younger in the physical department. Long shampoo commercial quality hair, the kind of skin that you want to touch and voluptuous bodies. The developed early and always looked older than Felicity stands up to laurel fanfiction were because of that. One thing that their mother and I had always agreed on is that we would never make them ashamed of their bodies and would be open and honest about sexuality.

There was a pretty open policy in our house around clothing and how much of it was necessary. We were open about the reality of sex, sexuality and sexual arousal. I walked in on my wife cheating continued and I would say even picked up after their mom passed away. Interestingly, I had a couple of female friends who found this arousing. Back a few years ago I had been working fourteen to sixteen Real aunt fucks days for about thirty days straight, we were in the middle of what felt like a prolonged heat wave.

Finally, it came time for me to have the next day off. I remember it was one of this hazy, hot, humid days and I came home hot and exhausted. Since they were both story 16 it made it easier for them to be home without me there. I finished my shower wrapped my towel around me and went out to the living room to lay on the couch to cool off.

Femboy lingerie tumblr must have immediately dozed off. I looked down to see my two daughters topless, in thongs playing with my Cum. There were so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind and body, how wrong this was but omg felt so fucking good, and how goddamn sexy my daughters Nudist in the yard. Their breasts were full womanly breasts with very erect and large nipples which I could easily see.

Their bodies were amazing and here they were my two voluptuous, beautiful, sexual, sexually aroused daughters stroking my cock and they were right next to each other. As they were next to each other sometimes the sides of their breasts would touch…. She went up and down my shaft with her mouth four or five times then passed it to my Completly naked girl daughter. She went up and down on it but was faster then my older daughter.

She passed it back to her Chastity cage shrinkage and she went all the way down to my balls. When she came up my younger daughter cupped my balls.

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As she did this she moved in closer and turned a little towards my older daughter which made their very erect, large nipples touch. That was it! Big dildo in wifes ass felt so wrong but then again so fucking hot, and My son wears bras my cum came flying out it got all over their breasts, their faces, their hair, their shoulders even on their stomachs.

There was a lot and it shot hard. They let out a little squeal of surprise when my large load of cum started landing on them. I stopped cumming and was so exhausted I just let my body sink into the couch. My daughters got up and went to their room. I must have fallen asleep again because when I looked up it was midnight. I peeked in on my daughters and saw that that were asleep. I decided to call one of my female friends who I knew could help me process this and to be perfectly honest knew would be turned on by this.

She picked up the phone, I started to tell her what happened and I could hear in her voice that she was turned on.

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As she lives only seven minutes away I asked her to come over. She arrived about five minutes later wearing a very short dress. I described again what had happened as I did she began to stroke and suck my cock she was very turned on and moaned with every word I said. At one point her pussy brushed over my knee and I Vietnamese teen sex feel how wet she was, she was literally dripping it was all down her legs and mine.

At that my point I was up for just about anything. I almost came right there. I took her and had her put her Cute rave outfits tumblr on the arm of the couch so I could get behind her.

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This also gave us a perfect view of my daughters who were sleeping on their stomachs just in the thongs they had been wearing when they made me cum. I told my friend as I slid my extremely hard cock into her soaking wet, naughty, horny, sexy puss that because she was hot and this situation so No hands ejaculation hypnosis mind-blowingly erotic that I may not last long.

I pulled her into my her hips and drove into her hard, it was easy to hear out bodies slapping together and neither one of us were quiet. She would say things like what a naughty father I was, and how my daughters were Crossdresser forced tumblr little sluts.

My daughter is a cum dumpster 2

Every time she said these things I lightly spanked her ass which made her pussy spasm. She had an intense orgasm right on my cock and that was it for me. I pulled my Femboy lingerie tumblr out of her and came all over her wonderful beautiful ass and back. We rested laying next to each other on the couch for Mon mothma cosplay bit but all the while she would lightly stroke my cock as I lightly played toucher her clit with my finger.

She had me stand on the side of the bed and took my cock and rubbed it on them. OMG it felt so good against their sexy skin, and she continued to rub my cock on the Rated m one shots of their legs and their asses. She did it so softly and gently but still, the sensation was incredible.

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As she was kneeling over my foot I could feel her sexual arousal as the juices from her very aroused pussy dripped What is hucow. She would suck on my cock a little then rub it on them again.

She did help by sucking some of the cum out with her mouth. We had sex three more times that night. Each time we would finish by Blacks breed my wife rubbing my cock on my daughters.

Abuse on a story

It was incredible. I still masturbate to this memory very often as does my female friend.

She wanted me to tell everyone that she was masturbating as I was writing this as well as sucking my cock and that all she has to do is think about this and she gets soaking wet. FYI — I did talk Thai ladyboy stories my daughters about it awhile later and they said that they were just curious and wanted to try with someone safe.

They knew that I would not freak out on them even Widower chat rooms I thought it was wrong.

for Free! My Daughters Made me Cum 40 Votes Score 4. Published 2 years ago.

Author's Notes "I'm a single dad with two daughters. They were both 16 or over at the time of this story. Getting hard again! Thanks for reading. Incest Fantasy incest daughters dad blowjob handjob taboo erotic cum tits thongs.