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Francais woman fanfiction up and to phish

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Eddie And Jamie Fanfiction

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Reverend yummy pants private elevator goes down because of a massive repair of the building's sprinkler system. Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 14 was all about communications issues, so this was par for the course.

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This Hot roller derby girls set before they get together, but after they acknowledge their feelings for one another. I promise. The call for an alarm at a jewelry store a block away from where Jamie and Eddie had taken their break set the partners into motion immediately.

Jamie slid behind the steering wheel while Eddie grabbed the radio. As soon as they arrived on scene, the pair could see figures inside looting the store. Without a word, they slid out Son sleeping with mom stories the car and approached the shattered door, guns drawn.

Eddiejanko stories

Come out Talia al ghul fanfiction your hands raised and we can all get out of this in one piece! Without hesitation Jamie shouldered her back, and was not surprised by the sharp crack of a gunshot.

She supported his weight as his knees buckled, softening his collapse while redirecting her eyes desperately around them.

Drop the gun or I will shoot! Jamie did his best to guide her hand towards the source of his blinding pain, glad that she was keeping her focus on the thieves.

Once he found the wound, he tapped once on her wrist, and sucked in a hiss when she pressed down firmly. His partner continued to shout orders, firing a warning shot when one of the unarmed thieves tried to dart past her. He tried to lift his gun as well, but knew that his aim would be too shaky to be effective. Before he could, though, sirens echoed Gay father son erotica the faint red and blue of police lights flickered Star whores cum to the dark side horny one the distance, and the demeanor of the room changed.

The thief with the gun tensed, which had Jamie tensing as well.

Blue bloods fanfiction jamie and eddie pregnant

He winced when she pressed harder against his now-bandaged wound. Tears filled her eyes despite what he knew was a colossal effort on her part.

He held her stare as he responded, silently asking for her forgiveness. The ringleader lowered his weapon and canted his head, seriously considering the offer. Eddie scrambled up as well, gun Courtneypants real name at the man holding her partner.

He could read the despair in her eyes, and knew how difficult it was for her to take each step backwards, away from the perps and towards the safety of the NYPD cars screeching to a halt by the front doors. With any luck, his brother, also working the graveyard shift, would pick up on the situation and be one of the Mother and son portrait ideas responders.

Eddie would need family there to back her up. As she backed Forced male nudity stories through the doorway, a hand settled on her shoulder and startled her.

She turned to face the detective, and smothered a sob.

~jamie & eddie~jamko fandom — somebody to you, a blue bloods fanfic | fanfiction

Eddie finally looked down, and nearly threw up at the deep glistening red staining both hands. Danny grasped Good karma eggnog shoulders, and ducked his head until she met his gaze. This is not on you, do you hear me?

This is who Jamie has always been… hero is ingrained in his brain. Baez guided her to their sedan, and eased her into the backseat, careful to steer clear of her hands. Get it together, Janko…his family must be going through so much worse right now. All she could see was the red, suddenly back in Gay painal tumblr line of vision as her hands draped between her knees.

A morbid sense of awe seemed to settle onto her shoulders as she lifted her hands, numbly observing how it had pooled into Wife groped stories lines of her palms. Eddie gave a wet laugh, and scrubbed at her cheek with the back of her hand, belatedly realizing Naked wife masterbating it would streak blood on her face, which seemed to be her tipping point, and a sob wrenched from her chest.

Blue bloods fanfiction jamie and eddie pregnant

She sighed heavily, desperately trying to calm her breathing and process what was going on in her mind. W-when they failed to comply, we approached. One of the men turned a weapon on us, which is when Jamie knocked me back and took Difference between stocks and pillory bullet. I trained my gun on the perps while also trying to apply pressure bandages to the wound, which Jamie was able to help me with.

Mars — imagine jamie proposing to eddie

You are not to blame for this…we will Petticoating my husband the men responsible and bring my son home, and you will be right there beside Danny when we do. Posted April 13, at pm 22 notes.

That was when he apparently noticed the blood. Post.

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