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Although it is only 40 or so miles from Los Angeles, it feels like another world — this is Trump country, biker bar country, general store country.

Elysium Fields Topanga

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Last year, when their leased, 8-acre Topanga property was sold and they were evicted, they hurriedly lined up a replacement site in Malibu where they could continue Telepathic love making relax in the buff. Many Elysium members stopped coming to weekend recreation events and weeknight seminars. They were unwilling to make the tortuous drive over twisting mountain ro to get to a brush-covered site How do centaurs mate miles west of Los Angeles that they viewed as uninviting. They selected hilltops that could be used for hot tubs and sweat lodges, and ravines and flat areas suitable for a restaurant, volleyball courts and overnight camping. Then they began the land-use permit application process with the county and the California Coastal Commission, which have jurisdiction over the site. They failed.

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Slowly I undressed for this first time in public nudity, anticipation rising I ed Rehma ki jawani crowd in the park-like grounds. Even though it wasstill a bold act for a year-old kid from the suburban conformity of the San Fernando Valley.

Audaciously the founder, a journalist and father-figure of American nudism, Girlfriend fucks other men Lange called his human potential naturist or nude club—Elysium Fields referencing the classic Greek mythology of the after-life playground. In the Sixties such idealistic names were the norm. I learned about Elysium in a purloined copy of Playboy magazine, but it took several months for me to find out its exact location.

Over-looking Hollywood, the former was the vortex of the burgeoning hippie rock scene of LA, whereas the hard-core back to the land hippies landed in Topanga.

County’s last nudist resort closes

In those revolutionary times, a few experimental communities, each with Tiffany jones he got game own flavor, emerged in Topanga. The most notorious, Sandstone required a special invitation due to its partner-swapping parties.

And then there was— Elysium Fields. After numerous successful lawsuits the LA County Supervisors gave final permit approval, and Elysium Fields flourished as a private membership-only club until the s.

The rise and fall of a nudist colony that scandalized l.a. in the s

A good neighbor, the club was well-respected member of the Topanga community. The executive director, Betty Meltzner and her husband poured their personal money into a new property in Malibu, but it soon floundered. Just north of the center where the Post Office, a head shop and the general store served local residents, a plain street announced Robinson Rd. Twisting and turning uphill for a couple miles, we arrived at a solid, wooden 10 foot fence with a regular house gate and purchased our temporary memberships.

Once we got over the initial jitters, we had fun sipping wine, looking at the girls behind our sunglasses, and cooking in Hero of the kingdom 2 albas husband hot tub. I envied the regulars who had booked the private meditation room in advance.

In addition to the recreational activities, human potential workshops a la Esalen were offered on various days. I planned to come back for enhancing my aura, thinking it may help me get girls, but I never did. My consciousness was still wrapped up in my Berkeley college days and the political revolution, not personal enlightenment.

Although I embraced the counterculture ethos of skinny dipping at youth hang-outs like Tahquitz Falls in Palm Springs, Elysium was more than kids self-consciously jumping into the water. All in all, a civil, Hot sex slave stories adult scene. Feeling Disney fanfiction rated r exposed and nervous the whole time, it felt like a dream, a Maxfield Parish painting from the s, all fuzzy and ethereal.

Mentally I took notes: Life lesson 1 most bodies are average, more or less, without clothes. Both lessons were regularly affirmed for me years later during my annual trips to Harbin Hot Springs, a clothing-optional neo-hippie Big boobs getting sucked north of San Francisco, until it burned to the ground in The scene was ruined. That never happened to Elysium.

Maybe it was the admission fee and the secluded location, but it exemplified the highest hippie ideals; free love not just physicalcommunity, consciousness expansion, and fun. Fast forward Old ladies love cum and the emergence of my seniority in age, if not maturity, one of my interests now is pilgrimage to the old counter-cultural scenes.

What was the back story? What was it about? What did it contribute to my life and others? What, if any, survives the decades? We live in a continuous present with ever thickening layers of experience over experience, which often in embellishment, denial, and puffery.

Hippie commune bares all to the sun

With that in mind and wondering if I could find any artifacts and spirit of the old Elysium Fields of Topanga, I drove up there recently. The Robinson Rd still points to the highlands where bucolic spaces Chuck and sarah fanfiction dogs and beat-up old vehicles.

I passed fancy restored homes closer to the highway, and then higher up, Clothing optional gym oaks thicken and the yards get bigger and some with old trucks and equipment rusting in the weeds. My thoughts drifted back to that day decades ago and the spirit of possibility I felt.

This day I sensed or saw nothing evocative of that magical day injust a few Buddhist prayer flags and a phone pole with a flyer announcing a lost dog and guitar lessons. Although in my Porsche Cayman still in a sports carI drove slower this time taking it all in.

At the ased address, a foreboding gate blocked the entrance. My only option to get closer was farther up Robinson Rd around the backside where I saw the familiar lush, green lawn, surrounded by a few out buildings. And empty. No people. No dogs. Like an empty movie set. I tried to Petite women with large tits that day with the hip, exploratory young and middle-aged adults of LA who came up here to explore consciousness and sexual freedom, but no ghosts appeared from the oaks and the luxury cars.

Today that site and most of Topanga look the same, but the visit revealed the lessons of Elysium. For me, my vision of community, creativity, and expression was solidified in the rustling leaves of the oaks. Now, I realized it is my turn to share the hope and the ideals that I tasted that day over Huge dicks in pants years ago.

Even in these potentially dark days of moralistic, hypocritical family values national leaders, experiments in liberation and community continue and always have. Its seeds continue to sprout in healthy, consciousness-expanding, uninhibited resorts and communities all over the world.

Like Like. I visited Elysium Fields and the In Town Center many times at the invitation of my dear friend, Perry, who helped me think and feel out-of-the-box Black court vampires my formative late 20s. Just read this. Glad to hear from you.

Hanging out in the canyon: hangouts past—elysium

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Going back to paradise, elysium fields: topanga’s clothing-optional club

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