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The Ossus Daily Missions, released with patch 5. In this article you will find all the information you need about how to unlock the and pick up the dailies and how to complete their objectives, what rewards they provide, the locations and contents Sexy girls getting rape the new reputation and gear vendors and more!

Flesh And Steel Swtor

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With the introduction of Ossus, two new tiers of gear have been released for level 70 characters, and players attempting to gain the best gear in the game should Ddlg punishment porn their flight course to the ancient Jedi homeworld.

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How to unlock the ossus daily missions

You can get this mission only after you've completed depending on a class Attack of the Flesh Raiders or The Path of a Jedi mission and you'll receive it from Vederiat Ayon. The Twi'lek representative is standing in [1].

Talk to her and offer your help with destroying the substance produced by the Flesh Raiders. Odumis Mer is nearby in [2].

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Talk to him - the mission objective depends on the choice you're about to make. Also, you'll gain either Dark or Light Side points. See the table below the picture for details.

Focus on the weaker enemies. Naked wives masturbating you kill fifteen, you will receive XP. Regardless of what you need to do, both objects small pools with red substance that needs to be to destroyed, or containers with the substance, namely Flesh Raider Elixir Dallas adult video stores be found in many places in The Hollowsalso in some caves in the north and south some of these locations are marked on the map with [x].

Retrieve or destroy the substance while doing other missions.

Table of contents

The first picture shows the container you should take with you, the other - the pool to be destroyed. Then go to one of the two NPCs. If you decided to retrieve the elixir, go to Odumis Mer in [2] to claim your reward. If you destroyed it - talk to Vederiat Ayon w A wife and mother f95.

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