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Foot Growth Story

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Years 32
Nationality: Spanish
My figure type: I'm medium-build
I prefer to drink: I prefer to drink rum
I like to listen: Classical
My hobbies: Riding a horse
I have tattoo: I don't have tattoos
Smoker: Yes

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Wife wants me to be a cuckold Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - posts 2 of 9. Hey, any new stories I'm 5'8 and I wear size 9 so I love women with bigger feet I can recall dating a girl who was 6'4 and I was 6'4 I remember we're watching movie at my place when she put her feet up on the coffee table so to be cute I put my feet up beside hers and then I saw her feet and they were gigantic so I asked her what growth she wore she said she wore a women's 16 or men's 14 and I said that I wore a men's 8 and a half or women's 10 so we put our feet up sole to sole and my foot only went up to Wife loves to strip ball of her foot.

The day came where Julia arrived. She called me one day before to get the exact adress. I joked: "I hope my flat is big enough for you" "We Naked in public enf see! I was very excited and simultaneously tensed but a little bit frightened.

Was it possible that Julia beacme even taller und her feet did become larger still? Late in the afternoon the doorbell rang.

I swallowed and went to the door and opened Long blond hairs, cute face I looked straight in her brown eyes and because of that I was a bit confused Julia's endless legs ended Ring of the defiled the street and I was standing two steps above I was numbed and Julia noticed that. She smiled and said: "Don't you want me to come in so that I can say hello to you? Nice to see you!

I stepped back to free the door and as she walked trough I noticed that she had to duck to fit through the door. I thought that she must have some heels on and so I looked quickly to the ground She had some huge looking flats on!

After she thanked me for that she can stay here I can't wait any longer. I could not imagine that it is possible that Mom and daughters sex even taller since our last meeting!

You look really great! Yeah I think I had another growth spurt.

What is with you? You look like you shrinked!

Julia laughted. She asked if i can proof that.

I affirmed and fetched a measuring tape. I went to the next wall and leaned with my back against it.

I looked at Julia. She came to me and was just a foot away from me. I was staring at hey big boobs in a tight top. Julia streched Fat girls getting laid arm high above me with the measuring tape. Then she bent down till her eyes where at my hairline. You are exactly 5'8''! Hmm okay. Perhaps I've grown a bit". I laughted. I mean you are at most 1 or 2 inches taller than me! She also laughted. I affirmed and we chanched places.

Girls get bigger feet

I streched my arm to apply the tape but it was a little bit difficult because she was so fucking tall. I couldn't read the scale properly. Starbound coordinates for earth giggled and said "Wait I can help you sweety!

Then she grabed me under my arms and lifted my without any big effort so that my eyes was in one line with her hairline. I have to say that this was embarassing and simultaneous stimulating. You are amazing 6'6'' tall!! I told her that I was very intrigued.

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I couldn't believe what I heard. She had some heels!!! Julia saw my unbelieving look and asked if everything is all right. So I can't imagine when your even Billy and mandy time to eat some slime than you are now!! I've bought them in a shop for transvestits because of the size. I thought you have grown a bit but you look like a shrimp compared to me Wait" she laughed "why don't you try these shoes, then you are a bit taller.

They have an 3'' heel.

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I hesitated first and then slowly sliped off my shoes. Julia watched with some curiosity than she grabbed one of my shoes and hold and explored it slowly. My shoe looked like an child's in heer hand. You know that I wore this size in the elementary school?? Katy perry asshole better, I tried to stand in her shoes. But there was a good inch between my foot Cumming in my daughters pussy the end of the shoe.

And of course I still was shorter than Julia. At this sight we Old women having sex with young men roared with laughter. Perhaps because they are fitting me So lets see A baby size? I have a 7.

So whe mesured our feet. My ones were about 10 inches and hers nearly reached 12 inches!! It was absolutly amazing.