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Rated femshep looking up Garrus who fanfic footjob

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Garrus Femshep Fanfic Rated M

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Since I primarily use FF. I had to seriously edit this list so there was a lot taken out. First up we have Hello, Time Bomb by Mussimm omgmussimm on tumblr. Honestly, this fic ruined me for several days. It takes a slightly AU stance on how Shepard Gaping pussy story up after being brought back to life, and is written in a non-linear style that switches between all three Mass Effect games. And again.

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 04 April - AM. Posted 18 April - AM. For some reason, the list became too long for one post what the hell is wrong with this IP. Board software? So, here we go again.

Again, mostly female Shepard and Garrus. Abuse of Power - one-shot, M rating, you can guess what's that about. Interrogation Tactics - ah, um, yeah. M-rating, too. Taking Orders - and same here! Concussive Rounds Trish stratus exposed same, bless KinkMeme prompts. Keelah Se'Lai - practically, uh, the same thing as above.

Mind The Waist Still Alive - one-shot, drinks, friendship. Citadel Playdate - little Shepard, Citadel daycare center, meets Shepard's Archangel - what happens after Critical Mission Failure pops up.

Grounded - another take at Samara's loyalty mission. A Trail a Mile Wide - Shepard got banned. From a planet. Reach and Flexibility - Garrus got mail from Dr Solus. Guess what was inside.

Sci fi hottie Face Value - post-Arrival, oneshot. With or Without You - grief after Omega-4, oneshot. The Empty Sky - same as. End - a totally bad ending. Acceptable Loss - Kaidan's dead, Thane's dead, and Shepard's kinda determined to them. Night Shift - sleeping Garrus and sleeping Shepard. Infinite Regress - Shepard dies and returns to early ME1. With Garrus. I have money. Sincerely, TIM. Memento Naked woman in the rain - a ME2 walkthrough-romance and some extras here and there.

Sense and Flexibility - a popular ME1 walkthrough-romance. Not at the top of my list, but it's readable. Why, Detective, You Shouldn't Have! If You Need Me - more like "everyone's in high school again" than a walkthrough, but, hey. Complete, ME2. Diadem hard mode, Deleted Scenes by the same author.

Delirium Trigger - another walkthrough one, ME2. Identity - this collection wouldn't be complete without an obligatory "Shepard turns into a turian". Pretty Bird - another turianShepard, this time from masskink. You've Got Mail - after Horizon, Kaidan gets lots of angry mail.

Timeless to Me and other stories by the same author - just good Shakarian writing. Keep - another MassKink; Garrus and Shepard escort a pregnant turian female. Inappropriate Thoughts - what the Girl describes first time she tasted cum says. Hands-On Training - sweet and awkward. If at first you don't succeed I liked it. Why People Do This - yep, this is Shepard's first time. The Comedown - Shepard gets high-drunk on Omega and Casual Touching - naughty Captain Gavorn, this time.

And Garrus.

A list of fanfic that i've either read or are in progress of reading.

The Color of Its Countries - of scars and face paint and love. Battlefields Much Beloved - a sweet erotic oneshot. And a Flat on Intai'sei - post-ME3. Been looking for something like this, like, forever. Meet Me At The Bar - yes, that bar. Also, seashells. Way of the wasteland warrior Morning, Mrs Verner!

Garrus Vakarian and the Recon Hood - oneshot. Anticipation - transcript of the night before the Omega-4 relay. Kaidan, Garrus and Vega post-ME3. What Now? Omega Noire - noir is not my thing, but this one's good. Check the author's profile, too. Hero of the Hour - ME3 ending?

What ending? Male Shepard, strangely enough. Limbo - Shepard Watching my mom undress blue and kinda hangs out with the Reapers. Oh, and the Harbringer. Second-Guessing - Oneshot. Everybody's so friendly Swim - Garrus can't swim. Crocodiles all around! Flashes - Post-ME3. What never was. Sleeping God - Shepard becomes indoctrinated. Or not.

Optimal Capacity - post-suicide mission, EDI's point of view, oneshot. Loved - another walkthrough fanfic.

Mass effect fanfic recommendations

Damn Fine Afternoon - Garrus, Zaeed and some strange pollen The Peanut Butter Principle - could be the last jar in the galaxy! Especially "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Annihilation" for those of you who didn't like the ending, hehe. Anyway, it's a list of good stories by a great writer. No Contest - everybody in ME3 loves Shepard. How does it make Garrus feel? Competitive Advantage - Dr Michel's on the Normandy. And she sees Garrus Again, check the author's profile Interstitium - a good collection of oneshots. I liked Zaeed's, Diy cock rings. Mock Effect - a ME1 parody.

Mock Effect 2 - a ME2 parody.

Lingering - a one-shot, femShep speaks to Javik after Thane's death. Highly recommended, together with other Sexy haircut stories like "She" and "Heuristics". Poker Night - and other Shakarian oneshots by this author. Check other oneshots by the same author.