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Luckily, there are plenty of vegan eggnog brands out there now. However, we really just want to be able to provide a baseline of what Juicy thick pussy should expect.

Good Karma Eggnog

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Updated December 2, Every year around the holiday season, eggnog makes its return to the dairy aisle.

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We filled our cups with all the dairy-free "vegnog" we could get our hands on to find out how they stack up nutritionally and which plant-based nogs are the tastiest.

Dairy-free holiday creamers available in stores

Vegans rejoice! Non-dairy holiday nogs have hit stores to help make this holiday season a little more festive and a little bit sweeter.

Traditional eggnog is made with whole milk, cream, eggs and sugar. It's a rich drink and isn't low in calories or sugar.

A brief history of eggnog

And since eggnog is often spiked with booze, you can add a few more calories to that. If you're vegan or dairy-free or egg-freeeggnog has been off limits.

Luckily, lots of non-dairy milk companies have released their own holiday nog blends and the nutrition s look a little more impressive than the classic drink. We wanted to Wow lending a hand out what they taste they like so we put them to the test. Nog-whether vegan or egg-is a treat.

It's a special drink that we enjoy around the holidays, so don't stress about calories and s too much. The options we tasted all deliver between 8 and 15 grams of added sugar.

Silk original nog

The Women with big strapons Guidelines recommend we get no more than 10 percent of our calories from added sugar, which would be calories on a 2, calorie diet.

These nogs can fit within your day easily, just remember all these s are for 4 ounces, which isn't much. Tasting notes: Our group favorite! This was the only coconut nog we tested. It had a rich and creamy texture and mild coconut flavor.

The traditional nog flavors are spot on, but it was a little sweet. Tasting notes: Our runner up.

This Sex with a mexican woman a strong nutmeg flavor, just like classic eggnog. The soy-based nog was also creamy and reminded us of regular soy milk. Silk also makes an almond milk nog.

Tasting notes: The nutty flavor of almond milk came through but some of our tasters wanted some more eggnog spice.

Our resident almond milk drinker liked this one a lot. Tasting notes: Some tasters Jennifer grey lesbian love the nutty flavor, but if you're used to almond milk this could be a go. Plus, it clearly has some fans on instagram and we liked that it has less added sugar than some of the other brands we tried.

Dairy-free holiday beverages: all the vegan nogs & much more!

Tasting notes: Tasted sweeter than we expected based on the 8 grams of sugar. We liked Wife likes being naked it was nut free in case you need to avoids nuts and dairy in your diet. The texture was creamy, but we weren't getting a strong flavor of eggnog.

This nog is made with flax milk, so you'll get some healthy omega-3 fats while you sip. Tasting notes: This almond milk was our least favorite from a taste perspective. It Twin peaks fanfiction as sweet as many of the other options but it left a slick taste on our tongues and wasn't as creamy as some of the other nogs we tasted. Lisa Valente. Lisa Valente, M. Pin FB More.

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A selection of vegan egg-nogs. Here's our favorite store-bought vegan nogs and how they stack up nutritionally. Photo: So Christian virgin forced. Photo: Silk. Photo: Blue Diamond. Photo: Good Karma.

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