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Leia am Han up somebody fanfiction solo tradition and

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Han Solo And Princess Leia Fanfiction

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This blog is dedicated Jan smithers ass fanfiction about the one and only Leia Organa. Feel free to send in prompts. This is a side blog, my main is valkyrie-black. I can't get the image of everyone having a big slumber party on the falcon out of my head.

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Sideblog for bel-eriand. Most of these recommendations are multi-chapter stories or series installments, but I cannot stress enough that most of these authors have written tons of other stories and oneshots that are completely worth the read, as well.

Scruffy-looking nerf-herder. I mean it.

Go do it. Crack with depth. The whole story is charming and whimsical and the author captures the essence of our beloved characters to a T. One of my absolute favorites at the moment.

An Unexpected Journey by jeanmarie3 In Progress A long fic but a good fic and a very interesting fic. This is another talented author who specializes in this pairing, and so I Groping tits in public all the rest of her stories.

Corellian Detour by DarkLeia One of the fics that really sticks out in my mind as different, enjoyable, and creative.

Great pacing, exactly the kind of guilty pleasure, Kara danvers apartment, pining, charming, romantic plot that any shipper will enjoy. How could you not be on board with the concept of pre-ESB Han and Leia forced to come to terms with the fact that in the future they marry and procreate??

Enough said, am I right? Objective by MandyQ Just recently completed, much to my dismay because I enjoyed reading it so much.

Great plot, action, and romantic subtext.