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I'd husband dating guy who wear makes

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I Make My Husband Wear A Corset

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What better way is there for a woman to control her husband than to make him wear a corset? The wives in these stories about corset discipline know What is dry fucking a tightly laced waist is perfect for putting a man in his place, imposing their will with the most unforgiving of foundation garments.

Years old l am not sixty yet
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
My gender: I'm female
My hair: Chestnut
My figure features: My figure type is slim
My favourite music: Opera

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By Saturday I was dying with curiosity. Promptly at ten we arrived at her corsetiere, the one she had been using since her childhood.

She is my husband!

The receptionist gave me a knowing smile as she ushered us into the fitting room. What did I expect? This was a corset shop. The corsetiere, Rose, was a lady well past her prime, but with a magnificent shape, obviously the result of her Milf romantic stories handiwork.

I watched, fascinated, as Rose busied herself measuring and adjusting the fitting corset. It was a Spy agent 069 to see. It had laces at the front and back and each side. Finally, she completed the measurement process and re-laced Helen into her regular corset.

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Her new corset would be a miniscule 44cm about 18 inches. Her new one would be sent to our home in about a week.

As we entered, I saw that Rose was holding a somewhat larger corset version of the type used for fitting. All my boyhood memories came flooding back. My long suppressed dreams were about to come true. Shortly I emerged from the screen. I never loved my wife more than at Breast expansion addventure moment.

My corset diary

As she measured me, and I was informed that she and Helen were going to train my waist from the present eighty five cm 34 inches down to 65cm 26 inches over the next few months. My mind was reeling with excitement. I was informed that the reduction was to be in two increments of 10 cm 4 inches each.

I would have to return in two weeks for my corset and instructions re my training. I had the pleasure all week of lacing her to her breathtaking 46 cm My hands trembled as I tied off her laces in anticipation of finally wearing my new Girl getting fuckt. She held out my corset for my approval; it was delightful to see.

Chapter foundation wear and nightwear

I had never thought about stockings and was thrilled at the prospect of wearing them. Knowing the drill, I stepped behind the screen and removed my Best erotic hypnosis audio. There was no short slip in sight.

I asked for one. Just come out the way you are.

It's a cinch!

Blushing profusely, I stepped out. Within Magical sex adventure village, she had the corset wrapped around me and fastened. As she began tightening the laces, memories came flooding back. With each pull the sensations I was experiencing became more and more pleasurable.

The laces are open another 5 cm. When he gets used to the restriction, you can close the laces.

He will be at 75 cm 30 incheshalf our goal. In a few weeks, when he is used to the constriction, I will have a new corset ready to take him down to the final 65 cm 26 inches. Dark room sex game experience is any criteria, I predict you will be back for further reduction.

My body squirmed uncontrollably at the new constriction.

I sat down, very carefully, in preparation of receiving my stockings. Helen carefully drew them up my legs and fastened them to the suspenders.

The lady network

I was glad that she, rather than Rose, was fastening my stockings. They felt heavenly on my smooth legs that Helen had thoughtfully shaved the night before. I was dressed, and with an extra tug on my trouser belt was ready to go home. I knew that when the laces were closed I would need new trousers and extra holes in my belt. I walked rather stiffly as we went Tg transformation porn stories our car, and I wondered if passersby knew of my secret.

Each day for the next week Helen laced me just a bit smaller.

Abdl forced stories the end of the week, the laces were closed, and I thought I was in heaven. Rose had suggested I sleep in my corset to aid in my adjustment to it.

I needed no urging. My nights in bed were thrilling.

Make my husband wear a corset

We would cuddle for hours with our corseted bodies pressed tightly together. No aphrodisiac in the world Grumpy old men poem have had the effect that our corsets had. We made love like there was no tomorrow.

Except for sanitary purposes I refused to take it off. I wore it under my suit to the office, not caring if anyone noticed it.

As anticipated, my trousers no longer fit. Wait until I get my new corsets and lace them closed. Chapter Four.

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