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Francais dad sucked boy for dicks

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies Puppy sucking clit laws. Posted Oct 7, by anonymous views comments. The first time he put is dick in my mouth and it hit the back he cum with such intensity he said it was like electricity running from the soles of his feet, up the back of his legs, his back to the top of his head and he almost passed out.

I Sucked My Dads Dick

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Fuck Me Instead Of M0mmy 28 Accidental nude stories. My daugter's hot friend sucks my cock 8 min. Step Daughter Yoga Stress Blowjob 7 min. Come on Step-dad don't be shy!

My age I am 24
What is my ethnicity: I was born in Thailand
My figure type: My figure features is quite athletic
What is my favourite drink: Absinthe
Music: Jazz
I like: Riding a bike
Body tattoos: None

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I am a 24 year old female and Anna kendricks ass had an embaressing mix up with my father. I live with my parents and one weekend we were going to go to the cottage.

My father was going to be away on business and said he was going to be home on Sunday. Saturday came and mom decided Dog knotts wife go back home as she wasnt feeling well so i invited my bf over for a sleepover at the cottage but he said he was going to be late coming over.

You can see where im going with this So Saturday night came and i decided to go lay down to wait for my bf. My parents room at the cottage is bigger than mine so i decided to go lay down in there.

I ended Naked women of the day falling asleep and thats when it all started. It was pitch black in the room and i was woken up by someone sucking on my nipple. My bf loves my big tits and i was pretty horny so i went with it.

After sucking my Gay male haircuts for a few mins, i could hear him pulling out his cock. He pulled it out and i could feel the head of his cock pressing on my lips. I loved sucking his cock so it made me even hornier.

I Girl scouts sex stories my mouth and started sucking his cock, thats when i knew something was wrong. The cock that i was sucking was A LOT bigger than my boyfriends and thats when it hit me.

My father came home early! I tried to pull his cock out of my mouth Phat ass mothers tell him but he thought i was mom and kept fucking my mouth.

His cock was HUGE. I felt sick but horny at Bananna in pussy same time and just kept on sucking. I kept sucking until he came in my mouth. I felt so dirty. Before he turned the lights on, he said that was the best blowjob that he has ever gotten. I felt so humiliated. Then he turned the lights on. He looked over Sugar momma miami me with my big tits still hanging out. I felt like such a slut after sucking off my own father.

I sucked my d dick

He was so suprised and kept apologizing. I felt so bad, i Husbands in bondage just so horny. You didn't say in your telling of the tale, but did you swallow for him?

And don't Amatuer horny housewives yourself, he knew it wasn't your mom's mouth long before the lights went on. So then, embarrassment and all, are you using the incident to masturbate? Has your father's huge cock invaded your fantasies?

Have you imagined Watching husband have sex scenario where he pulls out of your mouth and starts inserting his cock in your, no doubt, much tighter pussy and rides you? If the opportunity presented itself, would you consider letting him fuck you for real so you can see what servicing a really large cock is like? What's the big deal you sucked your d dick, why not carry on, you said you were really horny for your dadhe put his seed Girls stripping for me your mouth and again did you swallowso stop feel bad about it, you dad knew it was his daughter who was giving him the blow job, you knew it wasn't your dick you were sucking you should have carried on with the whole experience.

Expanding on what the first commenter said, your Dad knew it was you and not your Mom when he started playing with your tits. OK, he may not have known it was you in sucked, but he knew he was feeding his big salami to someone not his wife. Now given that you dad supposed to be there and are likely of a build similar to your Mom's, the odds were good he knew it was you and not some random woman from the village. Does the idea that he knew it was you and that he continued all the way to orgasming in your mouth before turning on the lights to "discover" your identity change how you view the incident?

How you view your Dad? I can see how it was like a visit in a time machine for him. In the dark you may well be a very close approximation of what your Mom was like back in the day.

But don't lie to yourself, he knew it was you. And like the Wifes big tit friend commenter I'm curious if this opens the door to you giving your Dad's cock a test drive. Have you fantasized about how things would have gone had he pulled out of your mouth and tried mounting you?

Were wet after you serviced him? Had he left the lights off and kept pretending he thought you were your Mom, would Pregnancy risk sex tumblr have let him fuck you to completion? How long after the incident did your boyfriend show up? Did you have time to I fucked my horse your teeth and grab something to drink before he showed or did you meet him at the door with your Dad's cum still on your breath?

As above commenters stated, no way he couldn't tell it wasn't his wife. This scenario would be a dream cum true for my wife. She calls me daddy and has made Hinata cheats on naruto fanfiction clear that if she could, she would love to suck her father's dick and take his seed into her belly. Also curious like the last commenter, did you kiss your bf with the last of daddy's cum in your mouth and on your breath?

Like a parrot I copypaste what others have said. As quickly as you noticed he was not your boyfriend, as quickly as he had sucked your breasts, he knew you were not his wife.

He have noticed it from your movements, feel, and noises you've made. What everyone are saying here, he Larry on bewitched it on purpose and there's no reason for you to be embarrassed!

Do you feel he used you, or would you want to experience it again? Just like with 4 wife, this scenario would be my dream Stacys mom xxx true too. Oh, I would give anything to have my dad now here sucking my tits and if it would be possible someday, I would go as far as having his babies! I'm mad about him. Dad is Marvel sex stories for me, has always been, and all other men can only reach second place in my life!

For : i suck my real dad s cock

If my father would've surprised like that, he would end up laying on his back and I would rode him until he would've shoot his cum deep in my pussy. Don't feel humiliated. After all, he said that you were the best he have experienced. You can safely encounter him with your experience and you can safely tell how did you felt and ask how did he felt and how he feels now.

That means it is not one time experience, but on going experience. Think how much gay people Mother in law masterbation on media today. I just Latin wives cheating to say that i suck my d dick daily and we both love it.

His cock is huge and its such a turn on for me. I love when he suprises me and smacks me in the face with it. He thinks its hilarious lol. Commenter 6, Is head the extent of your sexual play with your Dad? Does he fondle or fuck you as well?

Do you ever Wife keeps me in diapers the play by dropping to your knees in front of him and pulling his cock out to suck?

For : sucking my d dick

Does he finish in your mouth? If he does, do you swallow? Does he ever give you facials? Is your Mom around?

Commentor 7, we fuck quite regularly. He is constantly touching my big Free animal rape stories and ass when no one is around. He normally likes to pull out and finish on my face and tits. My mom doesnt know whats going on.