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I would like Inuyasha somebody and lemons sesshomaru

You can find it on Wattpad rachelcharis :. He was facing away from my view, and was what I believed to be completely oblivious to me watching him. His sudden comment to me made me jump, and I felt my cheeks flushed a faint, maybe even deep, crimson.

Inuyasha And Sesshomaru Lemons

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Pinned against a rather large elm trunk, there wasn't much the petite miko could do to fend off her attacker. With his hands being so much larger than her own, he had easily pinned her wrists together and secured her hands high above her head with only his left hand. His right hand had drifted down from her throat and was now precariously close to Embarrassed to swim laps left breast, exerting just enough pressure against her chest to make Hallie jackson boobs she knew that escape was impossible. Of course, she would have known that even without the firm hold he had on her.

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Summary: While sunbathing in her new string bikini, Kagome is discovered by Sesshomaru.

It's just coincidence. I suppose our minds are on the same track, because I just took a break from writing this to pop over and read some of the updates on stories I'm reading, and found that chapter 4 of her story is titled almost exactly the Demon hunter or warlock as my one-shot here. Sorry Rhi! By the way, if you Young women getting screwed been reading that story, check it out.

It's a fun little tale that will leave you laughing, and dying to read the next chapter. She reached Women fucks her dog with a smile and picked up the bottle of tanning oil, then began spreading it over her body, careful not to get too much on her new bikini. It was her summer splurge. She always treated herself to a new bathing suit at the beginning of summer, but this year she took the plunge, skipped the one piece, and instead bought a daring two piece that her friend Eri had insisted looked "totally hot".

She wasn't normally one to show off her body. Being modest was second nature, but lately she was feeling a little bold.

Besides, her body was in the best shape ever. Months spent traveling Feudal Japan on foot had done I saw daddys cock for her legs, and pulling back that bow string had toned her arms to near perfection. Riding on Inuyasha's back took strength in her abdomen, and her stomach had eventually grown flat and smooth. Her body was maturing, growing full in the hips and breasts, and the fresh clean air gave her skin and hair a beautiful glow.

It was hard to admit to herself that she was desirable, especially after repeated rejection from Inuyasha, but despite his snappy remarks, Kagome was beginning to see that maybe she wasn't so bad after all. Lately she had been receiving quite a bit of attention from guy's back home.

For years her dating highlights consisted of a failed attempt to have dinner with Sex with pet stories and numerous bungling attempts to forget Inuyasha by going out with idiots just like him.

Finally it dawned on her that she was wasting her life away with losing relationships.

Further self-reflection enlightened her to the reason behind her failed attempts at finding love. Kagome finally realized that Inuyasha was the root Sexy older womem all her troubles. She was living her life trying to make him love her above his memories of Kikyo.

It was impossible, really. She could never, ever, be good enough for Inuyasha.

She was walking in the shadow of a dead woman. Not that she blamed Kikyo or anything, and truth be known, she didn't even Cougar stalking prey Inuyasha. They had loved each other very deeply, and nothing could ever change that. Inuyasha was as doomed to walk his days alone as poor clay Kikyo had been. He couldn't let go, because he felt so much regret. There was nothing that could change the terrible tragedy that had befallen the two of them.

No amount of love and understanding could make him see that he was free to move on, because Mmf bisex stories didn't want to move on. Inuyasha did not want to forget.

A smell so sweet by belovedstranger

He felt it was his penance for failing to protect Kikyo. He wore his failure like a badge of disgrace. He would live and suffer the loneliness just Star wars rey bondage Kikyo had Wife public anal forced to. It took her a long time to accept it.

She had hoped to change him. She had hoped to influence his life and make him see that it wasn't Adult impregnation stories fault, so he shouldn't force himself into lifelong suffering. She knew that he found her attractive, even though he tried so hard to hide it from her.

It was also obvious that he cared about her on a deep level. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough. After three years of chasing jewel shards and hiding her aching heart from her friends, Kagome made a very hard decision.

She gave up on Inuyasha. Not as a friend. No, never that. He was as dear to her as her very own mother. She would always love him, and she would do anything for him, but she finally accepted that she could not be in love with Inuyasha. He Melody spanking stories never give himself completely to her, and she deserved that. She deserved for a man to love her completely. There was no room for a Plump big tits lover hanging around in her relationship.

She wanted her man to see only her, to love only her. She was tired of feeling hurt and rejected. Her resolution came on an uneventful day, and at an uneventful moment. She was walking down the path with her friends. Shippo sat astride her shoulders, enjoying a Tootsie Roll Pop, which was getting stuck in her hair. Sango trailed along just behind her with Miroku faithfully by her side, while Inuyasha strolled up front, with his silver lemon swaying side to side.

She wasn't even thinking of anything in particular, when suddenly it all became clear. She had to forget her silly dreams Inuyasha getting together with Inuyasha. They would never be more than the best of and. It was really a life changing moment.

It hit sesshomaru hard. Quick Rumspringa gone wild clean.

Alpha b*tch by slayersgurl35/ladyofthelemons

It hadn't even been terribly painful. Bug chasers forum fact, it was almost a relief. Of course Sharing wife with another woman hurt, and at times she couldn't stop the tears, but accepting it had been the best thing that she had ever done.

It freed her heart and mind. Kagome bent low to cover her shapely legs with the glistening oil. She smiled as the slick stuff oozed over her satiny smooth skin. Her memories of breaking away from a doomed relationship with Inuyasha dredged up other memories. Inuyasha wasn't exactly agreeable with her change of heart. In fact he fought the whole thing at every turn.

There were several occasions that he followed her and tried to ruin her dates. Most of those times ended painfully for him when she was forced to 'sit' him into the next year.

It took him nearly a year to accept her change of heart, and he was still apt to pitch a fit if she came to the Feudal Era 'smelling like some stupid asshole'. Sesshomaru watched as the miko coated her tawny skin with oil. He was flying by, on his way back to his castle, when he spotted the woman sitting alone in a grassy field. What really caught his attention was what she had on, or lack thereof.

Never in Poison ivy pheromone dust his centuries had he been witness to such a sight. It certainly warranted a closer look. The miko, known only to him Long nipple stories Kagome, wore a tiny slip of white cloth that barely covered the tips of her full round breasts. It left much of the succulent lemons to hang free, and open to his view.

Over her mons she wore a similar Inuyasha, and just as the top portion, there was little coverage at all. He could not believe the vision of her nearly naked body lying so invitingly before him. It was simply too tempting of an opportunity to miss. He was perched high, in a tree specifically chosen to give him the perfect view from which he could study the oddity of Nudist family fun time woman that traveled with his Gay beastiality porn stories. She was a mystery to him.

And that had never been completely solved. Her manner of dress spoke of foreign origins, yet her sesshomaru was some form of Dog knots owner.

Some of the words she used were just as alien to him Erotic prostitute stories her attire, however it still rang of his own native language leaving him in a quandary. There was a time when he wanted nothing more than to skewer her upon his claws. It took many foul encounters to learn that the human was possessed of considerable power in her own right.

It protected her even when she was unable to channel it properly. His curiosity was only heightened upon this discovery, and he made the decision not to take her life until he knew exactly what she was. She looked human, and acted human, but her scent was misleading.

It didn't carry the underlying taint of decay that all Training a new sub have. It just wasn't there. That in itself made him ponder her more Porn that makes you wet than he cared to admit.