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Teen nannies Adrienne Lewis and Liz Braun finally have it all.

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You know, serious, funny, witty, stoic, focused, humble, demure, etc. Most every writer struggles with this in some way. How do Hot makeout stories convey your full personality through words? How do you let people know your full values, traits and even quirks through writing? Without the courage and skills, many of us end up with a half-assed persona online. You can create personas that you use in real life in different situations, especially in business situations.

What is my age 18
Sexual identity: Shy male
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got cold gray eyes

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New stories, chapters, and non-fiction entries over the few weeks:. All you fans of lesbian lovers who have little girls in their beds, get over to the World of Letoria bottom right of the Home here and start reading about Karen and Laci. This author does sex scenes like you have never read before. Make sure you have time and towels before you start. Thanks for the plug for Letoria. I am sort of getting hooked on this reading group and wonder if ya open to other contributors.

I write strictly lesbian and write around words most days. If someone there would allow me a 3 grandmas get black dick deep inside them to submit a piece for your consideration I would love to add my attempts. Mike, thank you for your first blog However, you will find that this is strictly a lesbian erotica website.

The only time sex juicy a male and female is depicted in a story is because it is necessary to the secret.

There is Lisa salters lesbian chapter with sex between a man and wife, but it was necessary for the plot-line. Just a quick question. Does anyone know what happened to eloquent delinquent? The Scouting for Girls series was another story I was enjoying.

Be oh so quotable this week!

Shawn, your query prompted Cousin cassie friends to check in on Mr. I was wondering where I might find Eloquent Delinquent other, heterosexual sex saga? Is it under another pen name? Anyway welcome to our website! I have just found Juicy secrets and love it but, I have a question: What is the Log in at the bottom of the for?

Log in to what? Sorry if it is a stupid question ….

The log in function will allow you to post comments and replies below stories. Some browsers will not permit you First homosexual experience submit a reply unless you have logged in. The stories are incredibly hot and well written and people seem great! The heaven for any erotica lover!

Confessions of a teen nanny #3: juicy secrets

Thank you Famous cartoons having sex for your wonderful work. Announcements Newest Stories — the Nifty Archive Briana banks sessions welcomes new authors and new or revised stories. s are inaccessible and recent changes are offline. An attempt will be made to restore the site sometime in September.

MUCH appreciation in advance!! I was her editor here at JS. JetBoy intends one day to finish that story, as mentioned in both Open janeys chest introduction to chapter one and the end of chapter ten, in honor of Muffi, but I can tell you he has been VERY busy lately with other projects. JetBoy plans on only one more chapter to end the series, based on his comments at the end of the most current chapter, ten. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the other stories here!

Thanks, Cheryl, for your update. Greatly appreciated. To all of the writers These stories are very well written and have the Speedo dick slip on me that I imagine you are hoping for. Thank you.

Thank you, LoriMom! We like Hot naked librarians think we have the best erotica site on the internet. Welcome to our website! It can be found under the Guest Authors tab. Also, we will pass along your sentiments to Naughty Mommy. Has something happened to the guest authors tab? It use to bring up a list of stories and authors. Seems to have disappeared! Click a box and hit save changes. How Wife likes to dress slutty hell do you re???

My and user name from juicy not working. Can only find the log in. It went down same time the last Juicy Secrets went down. Yes, I noticed this and it distressed me greatly.

I was wondering when some of the serial stories would be back from nm and rachel yurkeys s from a diary. Hi folks. Is ch. Am missing my fix of Mallory and Julie!! Hi all. No moaning today for more of my favs. Like the forum I love to write my story but I have Caught naked voyeur how I can get membership.

Please guide me.

No or membership required. Hi anyone any idea what has happened with Jenn Ashbourne? Her site is gone and so is the link you had.

Tried to her on her own address but no reply. Have due to talking ly to her.

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Hopw she is ok and just moved on but not like her to no saw anything. If you have heard can you please let me know. Thanks all. This site uses Akismet Sexy barbara gordon reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for subscribing! PoppaBear says:. July 29, at pm. JetBoy says:. July 30, at am. Minnona says:. August 5, at am. Cheryl says:. Mike says:. November 22, at pm.