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Thai boutique picking guy vendor for Kasumi

I used an alt to see if a low score, just using very basic items, would unlock more items from Kasumi and can confirm that it will.

Kasumi Boutique Vendor

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This minigame challenges players each week to dress in accordance to certain themes, with the promise of Manderville Gold Saucer Points and boutique vendor rewards.

New weekly themes drop on Tuesdays, with Masked Rose offering clues related to his desired outfit. From Friday until the next theme change, players have four attempts at presenting their clothing in College dorm handjobs hopes of scoring big.

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The more it fits the bill, the higher the score you receive and the more MGP you earn. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This fashion-savvy Miqo'te has been helping to solve the weekly challenges since the very beginning, originally taking part in the contest to earn themselves a pair of Spring Bottoms, which Mothers seducing their sons unlocked from Kasumi once you score over Fashion Report points. The community's reaction to his work encouraged him to continue providing solutions for the weekly fashion challenge.

Things kept compiling and growing. After checking for reused hints, he gets down to the nitty-gritty of finding the solution. Omar O'marr, a friend of Star, looks to see if they can improve upon their solution.

Girlfriend wants me to crossdress work behind the weekly infographics usually takes two to three hours, sometimes more if there are a lot of new hints.

Star explains that getting translations of the hints from other languages is the key to solving which clothing you need.

Through this Janes erotic blog, new hints usually only take 15 to 30 minutes to solve. I ended up running out of alts to use and getting four hours of sleep to come back to the community thankfully solving it.

Fashion report basics

One of the big problems that led to it taking a long time is none of the languages pointed towards anything concrete and there are a ton of body pieces in the game that have cloth draping off of [them]. Figuring out the dye Her first blowjob story is one of the more time-consuming aspects of the weekly challenge. Once we know the one-point dye type, we can test the specific dyes of the correct dye type to narrow down which one gives two points.

For example, if we gain one point from using 'Rose Pink' in the head slot, we know it's another red dye so we'll then keep testing other red dyes. Weekly testing and building infographics naturally changed Star's playstyle somewhat, but creating reusable templates has streamlined the process.

Though this meant he could return to a more normal play routine, Star explains that he felt compelled to do more for the community. The popular Melvor Idle will now get continuous support from the company Mon mothma cosplay inspired it, Jagex.

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