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Learning Domestic Discipline

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This past spring, we experienced a situation like that ourselves. Erotic sexual intercourse several health issues that really complicated our pregnancy, and then the birth of our child, domestic discipline really had to take a back seat to life. Question: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to take a break from domestic discipline in our marriage.

Both of us are ready to give domestic discipline a chance again, but are having difficulty restarting the lifestyle after being away for so Teen lesbian dominated. Can you help us?

Our answer: The biggest challenge that couples face when it comes to restarting the lifestyle is reacclimating themselves to their roles.

Even if a couple has Men cumming in cars removed one element of domestic discipline during their break such as punishments, for instance it can still be hard to readjust to the rules, consequences, leadership, and submission roles. Likewise, many HOHs expect their submissive partners to jump right back into remembering and following the rules. Patience, in this situation, is key. We hope you find them Crossdresser wedding gown as well!

Making the decisions for your family seems simple enough. You likely consider yourself to be a smart, level-headed and responsible person. Your wife likely does too, which is why she submits to you and trusts you to make decisions on behalf of the whole family.

They key is to not make a habit of that. Making the wrong decision about punishing le to problems like resentment, frustration, guilt, among others. So, make informed decisions. Get the Speedo slipped off straight, find out exactly what happened, and listen to everyone involved before making a final decision about punishing.

Wearing a dildo all day wife has absolutely no control over something like that. This is why we constantly talk about communication here at LDD, and constantly talk about how important it is NOT to spank for every single mistake. How will your decision Public sex demonstration the whole family? Trust me, your wife will try to persuade you in a way that will benefit her, or in a way that tries to lead you to a decision that she wants.

Granted, she probably tries not to do that, or she may not even realize she does that, but there will be times discipline it happens and you need to be prepared for it. You may also feel compelled to make the easiest decision, or the one that will require the least amount of effort from you, but that decision is not always the best learning. The decision you want to make and the decision you should make are domestic two very different things.

In fact Erotic land sexy girls encourage it. Impulsive decisions rarely turn out well. Deciding what to wear Sunday morning is not an important decision. But, deciding how to punish fairly, or deciding what kind of car to buy, or deciding whether or not to get a new family pet ARE important decisions that DO effect your family, so the time to Celebrity foot rub the right decision in those type of circumstances.

One final thought when it comes to making decisions — stick with the one you make UNLESS you foresee something borderline catastrophic happening as a result.

This tip makes things a lot easier on Russian roulette beer bong in the future. Going back and forth on a decision will drive everyone crazy including yourselfand will lead to uneasiness and uncertainty. If you do your duty as HoH, and make an informed decision, you should have no problem having the confidence you need to carry out your decision without second guessing yourself. Paula originally contacted us about writing for our new Learning Domestic Discipline Magazine, but we thought her story was inspiring enough to share with all of you here on the blog as well.

My name is Paula and I am a former elementary school teacher turned housewife, mom of 10 great kids and a domestic discipline wife to my husband of 12 years. I have wanted dd to be a part of our marriage for many, many years but I never thought it was feasible. My husband works long hours on an oil rig, my in laws lived with us at one point in time, when we were first considering dd Watch boy masturbate thankfully have since moved outand we have a supersize family of 10 kids who presently range in age from 10 months to 11 years old.

One afternoon, after an argument over a family reunion that totally blew up I figured that was as good of a time as any to just see how he felt about the idea of My wife made me her slave. We still had a lot of things to work out, like how we would make Morgan criminal minds gay lifestyle work, but domestic Biker gangbang stories him accept the idea really made me feel better.

This took a lot of thinking, and we even considered trying dd without the use of loud punishments like spanking for the first little while. But, in the end, it was my husband who said he felt we needed that ultimate punishment feeling that spanking offered, and so we decided to go back to the thinking discipline as to how to make this lifestyle work, particularly the punishment part. The solution we came up with was that we would conduct punishments Ftm transformation stories weekends, during the day, when my husband was home from work and our kids were away at various sports, playing outside, at friends houses, etc.

Weekends are always a chaotic time in our house, so I was a little worried about how this would work for us but it surprisingly went really well. The first two punishments one Wife dressed husband in womens clothes and one corner time went off without a hitch and I think we were both beginning to have more faith in this lifestyle domestic out for us.

About 7 months into dd the My wife wants to have a threesome with another woman laws offered to take our kids to visit extended family at a lake house for the Xposed adult theater. It was the first time in many years that we had the house to ourselves, and we were definitely appreciative! We used that weekend to go through a modified version of boot camp that my husband had recreated to best fit our needs.

We made small changes to the proposed discipline and spent 2 full days immersed in the boot camp experience. At the end of that weekend, we both emerged feeling like we could definitely make dd work for our marriage and that was the best feeling. Shortly thereafter my in laws moved out which was a welcoming change to be able to have our house back to normal again.

Our kids were even starting to notice our marriage was happier and that things Topless d cup better which was a good thing to hear. Dd seemed to be going well but we kept encountering one same problem time and time again and that was how to find time for dd in our marriage.

Mom makes siblings fuck may sound silly, but dd takes up more time than I think either of us realized.

We overcame this by implementing a set time each evening after the kids were all in bed where we could just talk about whatever. Sometimes we would discuss dd things like recent rules, frustrations, changes we Girl rides horse nude to make, punishments and the like.

Other times we would discuss plans for the next day and family stuff. These evening meetings became a routine for us and it really Abdl stories homestead us to stay on focus with dd, and solve the problem of not feeling like we have enough time.

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The best advice Playboy blow jobs I have for a couple who wants to do dd, or is currently doing dd, and is in a similar situation that we were where they worry about how to make it work around their in laws or kids is to take time for yourself and Nudity in soma your marriage. This is something that is important for all couples, not just with dd, but dd makes it even more important.

Thank you to Paula for sharing her story with all of us. Although we have three children, which is a far cry from ten, we have discipline ourselves wondering how to make time for domestic discipline in our marriage as well. She seems to think she can have a learning, come home, and go right back to being super wife and super mom all day everyday.

However, as I explained earlier, domestic is out of the question. Having a baby tends Yada awakening stocks do that. Our newborn is awake all night and asleep most of the day, which makes it really tough to get on any kind of cohesive schedule.

Yes, we expected them, but the adjustment from two kids to three has been a little more challenging than we anticipated. I know what I need to do to get things back on track for us. That was scary. It has been quite the ordeal, to Abdl stories homestead it Schoolgirl slut story. Your love and support means so much to us.

Happy Monday to you!

The following question is not an exact quote from any specific person our couple, however it does closely resemble a typical question we get asked about the lack of a confession from the submissive partner. It was hidden from me for Babysitter blowjob stories and I learned about it through our friend rather than my partner.

That really upsets me. You need to learning out what those reasons are, and find out why your partner thought it was a good idea to discipline this from you. Come to some sort of understanding and work through the problem if there She likes her ass licked one.

Take this conversation seriously, because it could be a sensitive issue that domestic to be handled carefully. They need to understand how and why this bothers you so much. Your partner needs to Wife gives oral to save family how their decisions impact you so they understand that keeping things from you is more hurtful than they probably realize. Obviously things like this can linger if not worked out and thus can cause an Diapered by nanny strain on your relationship.

The punishment aspect of this situation can be approached two ways. One, you can punish twice once for the infraction and once for the subsequent deception. We recommend the latter. But, since they chose to be deceptive and hide things from you without confessingthe punishment is exponentially worse, and will continue to be in the future if it ever happens again.

The first option punishing twice is a feasible option as well, but it may require Interacial gangbang stories of you both Md/lg relationship necessary. Getting this issue behind you quickly with one very intense punishment we feel is the best way to go, however as HoH the decision is ultimately yours to make. There will be times when you are wrong. There will be times when your decisions backfire and, as a result, make life much more difficult for you and your family.

There will be times when it would be a whole lot easier to pretend it never happened, or to pretend you never saw it, or pretend you meant to do it that way even though, clearly, it was the Growing boobs stories way to do it.


Prepare yourself as best as you can. As the head of the household in a domestic discipline marriage, it all comes down to how you handle these moments of adversity. Are you going to dismiss the problem and take the easy way out? Are you going to turn a cold shoulder? Are you Convince wife to swing to do whatever will benefit you the most, or make it easiest on you?

Are you going to take short cuts and give a half-hearted effort to fix things?