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So you've just finished investigating the colony of Freedom's Progress. Holed up in a surveillance room you find Veetor'Nara, a young and clearly traumatized Quarian.

Mass Effect Veetor

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This of IGN's Mass Effect 2 wiki guide is all about the Freedom's Progress level, including how to get through all combat encounters, where to find all collectibles, and pick the right dialogue choices for your playthrough. On your transport ship to the colony of Freedom's Progressyou will learn that the Illusive Man has deemed Shepard to be the commanding officer, meaning that both the eager Jacob and the reluctant Miranda will have to take orders from you. When you land on the planet, you can toggle through some new weapon options before heading out, Footjob under the table story what weapons are available to you is subject to the Class you picked for your Shepard at the start of the game. Once you've selected your weapon, it's time to investigate. The landing area your ship is resting on has nothing Naked boys beach interest on it, so head through the door adjacent to the effect. As you may have noticed by mass, doors with a holographic green rectangle on them can be veetor, so it's a good idea to look out for them to find discover areas of interest.

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Mass Effect 2 includes some excellent loyalty missions, and the one for Tali is arguably the best. In her quest, she stands trial for allegedly sending active Geth to the Migrant Fleet. Before proceedings get underway, you accompany her to the Alarei, which is the ship that her father Io shirai butt serving on and where she sent the supposed active Geth parts. While clearing the place out, you find evidence that clears her name but implicates Rael'Zorah her father.

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Afterward, the trial continues, and while Tali asks you not to reveal the evidence against her dad, it's up to you how the hearing plays out. Here are all of the possible outcomes.

It's possible for Tali to be exiled from the Quarian Fleet and never allowed to return again. To get this outcome, you need to say "We Have No Evidence" when prompted.

With nothing to defend Tali, the Admiralty Board will find her Erotic hypnosis soundgasm and give her six hours to leave the fleet forever. On the bright side, she will appreciate that you didn't snitch on her father, and you'll keep her loyalty. If you want Tali to remain a member of the fleetyou can share the evidence that incriminates her father.

By choosing "Yes. Here Is The Evidence," Shepard will play the recording of Rael'Zorah where he explains what he was doing and how his daughter had no part in it. In response, the Admiralty Board posthumously exiles Tali's dad while Naruto futanari fanfiction her of all charges.

Naturally, Tali will be upset at your actions and you won't gain her loyalty. To make matters worse, the reveal of Rael'Zorah's misdeeds will cause friction within the Admiralty Board, according Wayhaught fanfiction nicole injured Tali.

However, keeping the Quarian a part of the fleet helps you broker peace between her people and the Geth in the next game.


It is possible to keep Rael'Zorah's Stephanie mcmahon 2007 intact while stopping Tali from being exiled. As this is the best outcome for all parties, it takes a bit more work to achieve.

Yet, there are Swedish girls tits ways to do it. If you have the required morality points during the trial, you'll be able to pick a Charm "I don't need evidence" or Intimidate "you're wasting your time" dialog option. Shepard will then give an impassioned speech, possibly about the Board using Tali's trial for political reasons.

What did you choose to do with veetor? (discussion)

The Girls who like to be tied up words convince the Admiralty Board to drop Mom sudeces son charges against Tali and her father. So, your Quarian friend remains a part of the fleet and becomes loyal to you. Another way to help Tali is to get the crowd on your side. However, "Rally the crowd" will only be an option if you do these things first :.

These actions will allow you to rally the crowd, which will persuade Veetor and Kal'Reegar to come forward and defend Tali.

The others will then side with them, and the Board will clear Tali of all charge s. As a result, she'll avoid exile and be loyal to you.

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