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I'd boyfriend date inside that yahoos pees

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My Boyfriend Peed Inside Me Yahoo

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There's nothing worse than doing something totally mortifying while having sex.

How old am I 34
What is my nationaly: Ecuadorian
Gender: Female
My body features: My figure features is quite slender
Other hobbies: Yoga

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Before we get started, I just wanted to show you guys the full version of this question that someone submitted.

It contains some extraordinarily British language. Oh, wow. So, the chances of him accidentally pissing inside your body during sex are very, very low.

Same rules apply. You don't pee in someone's birth canal without discussing it first.

The first rule of birth canals is you talk about birth canals. Good news for you is that getting pee in your pussy poses almost no risk to your health. But … since you said it smelled rancid, that could be an indication that he has an infection, prostate problem or testicular issue, whether it was pee Nude young wives semen.

Neither are supposed to smell like dying. If it was just semen it could be that it was much more watery than usual because of his diet, hormones or masturbatory habits.

He might have just Turn your wife into a slut gotten off in a while and simply super-soaked you with an ultra-huge load that you mistook for something else because it was more fluid than goopy. If this is your first experience with water sports, make sure the urine is dilute.

However, people who are into pee are like … really into pee, so a little odor and a nice medium yellow color is ideal.

For newbs, the shower is the best place to take a golden shower. Keep it fun and loose.

If Ricky Martin can publicly decree his passion for golden showers, then so can you. Search form Search this site.

My boyfriend didn’t know girls had urethras, so i peed on him during sex as a teaching moment

Dear Ibby, I think my dipwad boyfriend peed inside me. It felt runny and smelled rancid.

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