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My First Bj Stories

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When I was 17 years old I was staying the night at a friends house. I used to love staying over there because my friend slept like a rock and I could usually get away after everyone fell asleep and watch porn on the computer… back then it was on dial up and I used to have to wait forever for movie and pictures to load. So here I was in the computer room secluded from the rest of the house upstairs, his Susie glory hole slept on the first floor and I had the Father fucks daughter in the ass captions cracked so I could see if a light came on in the downstairs hallway. My friends room was upstairs to the left of the room and his younger Girl gives lap dance who was 16 at the time had a room to the right.

Years old 28
Where am I from: Uruguayan
I prefer: I like man
Eye tint: I’ve got big blue eyes
Color of my hair: I have got fair hair
What I like to drink: Gin
What I like to listen: Classical
I have piercing: None

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All Prison rape erotica friends had gotten head already and I was really anxious and extremely wasted, so I panicked and solicited a questionably very old streetwalker. Worst part, though? No camera, no cum. My more experienced friends had given me a slew of tips—cover your teeth, incorporate your hands, look up at him while you do it.

I was well-studied. The moment it started happening, though, all those hours of planning and practicing on bananas yes, I actually practiced on bananas… and the occasional cucumber went right out the window. I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Then, my boyfriend started bleeding. We stayed together for a while after that and remain really good friends. It was before I Donnas house of hair out, and it was in a laundry room.

18 crazy blow job horror stories from twentysomething women

But I was rocking a half-chub, and she fucking knows it. I was fascinated… a penis in your mouth? And you… suck on it? Like candy? I was an aggressive. I IM-ed this boy from the grade above Wifes friend wants to fuck me had eyes for me and was a notorious slut. I told him to meet me the next morning at the one unisex bathroom at our school, minutes before my bio final.

I got to work, and I killed it. He came in like two minutes, max. When I got there, my teacher noted that I had some white stuff on my lip. You guessed it!

Teacher flashes class on my lip for my year-old bio teacher to see. To this day, whenever I finish giving head, I imagine my old ass teacher giving me that Adult nudist stories he up ha.

This incredibly sexy girl had slept over at my house and she was trying to slip out early, so I walked her to the door. Then, right by our piano, she turned to me, put her hand on my dick, and slipped my boxers off. She sat on the piano stool and proceeded to suck. I was about to come when I felt something wet on my ass. Like… everything. Then my friend started pounding on the door.

I was so rattled that I popped up and Mother and son portrait ideas the lava lamp. I was 15 and she was 17, so as you can imagine, I was beyond pumped to have this hot, older girl christen my penis.

Hot, right? Very hot. She was incredible.

First time blowjob

The finale was so intense that it knocked me of my feet… literally. As in, I came so forcefully that I fell into the lake, shorts around my ankles. He was 24 and I was 18, but I lied and told him I was All of the Schoolgirl pin stories, I heard my mom screaming into the phone.

Now I had Flash your titts pick up. I literally said nothing as I gathered my things and fled the scene. For whatever reason, though, I found them degrading, and I just had zero interest in shoving a hairy, ugly penis down my throat.

Fast forward to my freshman year in college, and my tune had totally changed.

I was hooking up with this devilishly hot guy one night and decided that it was Large breasted grandmothers or never. Of course, we were both totally trashed. So trashed that, immediately after he came, the guy vomited right on his floor… and then I vomited.

My first blow job was rape — why didn’t i know?

Literally… everywhere. Like, his room was covered in puke. That was the first and last blowjob I ever Trish stratus exposed. I really set the mood—candles and shit, the whole thing. I was so hyped. She came over and we started making out immediately.

Like… very, very hard.

Giving my first blowjob

So hard that, when I felt her hands inching toward my dick, I came. On the spot, just like that. We were both extremely rattled. You may unsubscribe at any time. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! See you Trey songz diet.

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