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If you're on Max's place, who would you possibly blame based on your own opinion through out the game. Sorry, not one of the choices, and probably an unpopular opinion Depression isn't really anyone's fault.

Nathan Dosed Her

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The first important choice in this episode is the moment shown in the first chapter, or to be more exact, the conversation with Kate. During the situation on the rooftop, it will be easier for you to save Kate. During the conversation you Serena williams hard nipples get two dialogue options: "Nathan is involved" and "You were drugged" and each one of them brings you closer to saving the girl. During the situation on the rooftop, it will be more difficult for you to save Kate. During conversation you will get four dialogue options, but only: "I'm Tabou matchmaker answers proof" will bring you closer to saving the girl. The rest of them will bring Kate closer to her death.

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And they get to talking. It gets rather intense, with Max learning things that she only learns normally if she witnesses it happening ie, Chloe being hit by David. And for her former best friend to show up out of the blue the day she returned Robin meade too skinny Arcadia Bay? Well, personally I think Chloe would forgive Max quite quickly. And thus I come into my little dilemma… and just how much would Chloe tell Karen v topless I could easily see Chloe telling Max that Joyce was dating someone David two months after the death of her dad.

But would Chloe admit to Max that David was hitting her? Part of me may be unsure because I have an angry Max here. And let me know what your thoughts are on this.

Chloe rolled her eyes, looking annoyed again. She found the first fascist porn mustache she could and was fucking invited him over for Christmas!

Out of time [part 5]

I was surprised by the tears in my eyes, and the anger. I mean, we could have moved in with Joyce and Chloe for a little bit. They needed us. Widower chat rooms ed her after a moment. Fuck, when Mrs.

Grant reported a bruise he left on my face to Principal Wells, she said I was lying about being hit by him.

And Wells fucking believed her. Stripping wheel game enough to get Chloe a therapist. And when William died in a horrible car crash just weeks later, Joyce decided keeping Chloe in therapy was probably for the best. Now years of counseling later, Chloe has come to terms with the fact her best friend never existed. That is, of course, until Max shows up again. Holy smokes… okay, this getting really interesting. Vengesim is pulling out the stops once more and Girls humping couches think this story is starting to be on par with his Scars story in terms of awesomeness and my enjoying it immensely.

Definitely go read it. Officially my last one for the moment. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. She likes Warren but refers to him as being like a brother to her.

She may also have a slight crush on Jefferson before she found out who he really was. Once she spends more time with her, Max Horny 70 year old women fall for her childhood best friend. I believe the only reason people call her gay is because of her relationship with Chloe. The end. Normally in a fanbase you can find many pieces of shipping fanart of the main character and other characters with other people.

In the LiS fandom, good luck with that. Nearly the whole fanbase is obsessed with PriceField. Nearly everyone wants to write for Pricefield and very few for much else. Another thing that falls under this category is the game itself. Like Greenwood academy of hair said in part 1, what a joke. The game wants to desperately pimp out Pricefield and shoot down GrahamField when it gets the chance.

Is he just there to white knight Max? I like Warren, but the game makes him utterly useless and needy sometimes. They give the chance to alienate some if not most characters and cause them not to like you. The only people you can change your level of friendliness towards is Courtney, Taylor, Kate, to an extent David and Brooke, and Frank.

Other than those people, the relationships Max has are pretty Hunt the wanted wolf enforcer near the blast linear.

A good example is Chloe. Despite how you, the player, feels about Chloe, she and Max have a strong friendship.

Snow bunny gang only thing that can change between you two are if you both are romantically involved or not. Other than that, their friendship does not change at all. David may be a jerk but he does care about his family.

I feel like if Wayward pines incest tried and had some patience, she and David could work together. She whines about everything else I do. Anyways, I did agree with David on a few things and I did kinda like him as a characters.

I disagree. Everyone in the game had flaws and there were characters who were massive jerks. Justin, his buddy, Hayden?

Who did you blame about kate's attempt to suicide..

As a bisexual woman I have to say this: Max is coded very Asian erotic dancers as a gay woman coming to realize the truth about herself. They literally have her coming out of the closet to defend Frozen fanfiction dirty in the first chapter. Contrast that to Warren who she kisses if you choose to because whatever. Not because she was really into him but because she was about to go back and change reality deliberately to ensure Chloe lives.

As for nathans outside of Pricefield? But this is about her personal nemesis. The problem dose David is… when you do several playthroughs you find out he is scum. For instance, he abuses Chloe - and this is not a Men getting caught masturbating thing. If you remain in the closet, you can find out from Joyce that she knows about past instances of David hitting Chloe and she blames Chloe by her she instigates David who is deserved respect for his service in the military.

Likewise with Nathan who is basically going through a mental breakdown at this point and could have seriously hurt Max in the parking lot when he shoved her down. Finally… there are a couple decent men in LiS. For instance, Samuel is a caring and considerate man who Max befriends. William is most definitely a loving and caring father and husband, while Ryan Caulfield is also a caring father who may Fart fetish forums a bit overprotective at times but definitely loves his daughter.

So I think Big dicks ripping pussy folk are protesting too much :. But hey, you can make up your own sexual orientation in this game so make her a lesbian I guess. In my opinion, Max is bisexual because of Twin peaks fanfiction interactions with Chloe and what she has stated before. As for the comment about Warren, I do agree. The game has options to lean towards him as a potential romantic interest but the game neglects it in favor of Chloe.

If he had to be added in, make him a cousin or younger brother.

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It sounds a lot like fan fiction writing in my opinion. I know. Victoria is a bully plain and simple.

This was written ages ago and I just decided Plantation erotic stories keep this in. He knew she was in a bad place but was a total jerk to her the whole time. Speaking of a job, how does he still have one? Imagine how that would go. I think so as well.

They appeared to have overlooked the decent guys in this game while focusing solely on the bad guys. The kicker is that ultimately the whole Warren romance is wasted effort. And yeah.