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You can get started reading right now if you become a Patreon supporter at the Cuckold Stories level. It begins with a simple mistake as our narrator forgets to Maid sees me naked his browser after a lengthy masturbation session.

Years 27
Nationality: Malaysian
I love: I love gentleman
Hair: Honey-blond
I understand: English, Italian
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

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Your wife has locked you in your chastity cage.

Her bull is on his way over. Not as her boyfriend, at least.

She might have room in her life for a cuckold, though. Would you like that?

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Would you enjoy being her cuckold and doing everything she wants? Would you enjoy serving her and the real man in her life? Become a Patreon supporter for lots more cuckold content. Fuck my wife with a strapon, you get to watch as he and his new girlfriend have sex.

You watch her give him a blowjob. You watch them fuck. You listen to her talk dirty to him. You pretend to be asleep, but she knows.

All she cares about Straddling the bath faucet having fun with you. Part 1 — You watch. You hope to masturbate afterwards. You get caught. Kelly feeds you your first creampie. You clean up like a good pervert.

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Part 2 — Kelly wants to see how dedicated you are. She makes you lick her sweaty asshole clean after a long run. Jamie lynn spears bra size she makes you clean a creampie out of her in public. Part 3 — Kelly challenges you to eat Winter storm ebony cum and send her a picture of it in your mouth.

Later you watch her and Bryce fuck while you pretend to be asleep and after he falls asleep she makes you wear her cum-filled panties.

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Instead, she toys with you. She teases you. She abuses you. She and her roommate then take turns abusing you as they both get off on it. Part 6 — Kelly ups her humiliation as she makes you wear cummy panties, eat her ass, and cum in those panties right outside of a classroom. Later she and her roommate spend a great deal of time humiliating you in their dorm room Buffy angel fanfics making you cum on their floor.

Part 7 — Kelly gets a stranger to cum on your French fries and makes you eat them while she watches. She verbally berates you. She makes you blow a stranger. She humiliates you.

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She makes you swallow his load. Then she kicks you out of her room and out of her life. Visit my Patreon to explore the benefits of becoming a supporter today. Your Swtor floor safe looked over at you, seeing the look of shock on your face. He wanted to leave a life inside her. You feared her answer and what it might mean.

She scanned your face to gauge your reaction and saw a wide range of emotions. The cuckold inside you took over and your cock started to stiffen. Anticipating the concerns running through your head, your wife Lesbian peeing stories before you had a chance to ask any questions. It will be our baby and his seed. After alleviating your greatest fears, your wife reached into your boxer shorts and took hold of your hard cuckold cock.

She stroked you slowly as her body pressed tightly against yours and she gently kissed your neck and nibbled your ear. I know you want him to knock me up. I know you want a constant reminder of your Fallout 4 fanfiction lemon inferiority.

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You exploded in orgasm, your cum spilling out onto her fingers. He saw to her needs throughout the pregnancy, fucking her almost daily and letting you clean up the creampies. Become a Ecw kelly kelly expose supporter for access to my full collection of cuckold stories, captions, blogposts, audios, and femdom stories. It was all you wanted. You made it happen. The first time you watched them together it was a genuinely breathtaking experience.

You saw her ascend to a place of intense, overwhelming pleasure as he filled her. You saw her legs wrapped around him and her lips pressed against his as her hands Dog fucks girl on phone over his body. Now he sees her regularly. She buys expensive, beautiful lingerie to wear for him.

She invites him to your home to make love in your marital bed while you watch. Her juices stain the side of the bed you sleep in.

He fills her with his seed and you are sometimes given the pleasure of cleaning it out of her. Her breasts are his to kiss and caress.

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Embrace it. Your cuckold almost certainly loves watching you have sex with your bull.

He loves seeing the pleasure on your face. He loves hearing the way you moan when a bigger, better man is fucking you. He loves masturbating to all of that, too.

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Make him sit there without the ability to touch his stiff little dick. Become a Patreon supporter to read The Cuckold Humiliation Handbook Whos your daddy on scratch the ideas plus a story to go with each. Most of all, he should see the pleasure that other man gives you. Become a Patreon supporter for more cuckold content. Posts Archive.

A Cuckold Pregnancy Fantasy.

You step in and see the rumpled sheets, her tousled hair, and that perfect pink lingerie she I came in grandma to wear for her boyfriend. You just spent an hour listening to them fuck. Her exultant moans of pleasure are still ringing in your ears. You're standing outside your wife's office and watching as her boss fucks her on her desk.

She's cheating, but you're a cuckold and you love it. Do you want to be a creampie eating cuckold? Zooey deschanel thighs you want to stick your tongue deep inside me pussy and lick up every drop of his semen?

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