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Over the last couple of years, Wendy had began to uncover her fetish side. She always thought that bondage and the like were too bizarre and anyone who would participate in such activities was nuts.

Permanent Vaginal Chastity Stories

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December 7, November 23, December 26, February 6,

Years 24
Sexual orientation: I prefer kind guy
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Post by John R Starvele » 09 Jan Post by Admin » 19 Jan Post Trap quest tattoos lockherbelt » 13 Mar Post by Pyra Gorgon » 09 Apr Age swap story by paullanky » 04 Jun Post by plunder » 15 Sep Post by kevinchen » 21 Feb Permanent Chastity Discuss female chastity and chastity belts.

Post Reply. Pemament Chastity was one of the heading on The Chastity Poatal web site with a link to Corrie Russell recovered web .

Trouble in paradise

I was just going to place link here but the link no longer works. I found the so fasinating I save the entire site and Mothers masturbating sons will see if I can up load it as attachment. I also save each of the pictures separately if someone would like higher resoloution of Wam story archive of the pictures. The file refused to up load plan B. Copy and paste I will have to add the pic separately I was only allowed 3 pictures I will have to post as separate post the rest of the pictures sorry.

Corrie's Hi, This is myto tell you a little about my history with Chastity. How do I start? I suppose the first thing I should describe, is my desire for piercings, I just had to have some! Initially it was my nipples, then navel, tongue, more nipple piercings at one stage I had three piercings in each nipple, although this is now down to one in eachfacial Thin to fat weight gain stories these have now all been removedbut the real start was when my pussy got herself pierced!

It took a long time before I got my pussy pierced, mainly due to my anatomy, I have very small labia minor - which don't show, so the only place was Giantess facesitting stories labia majora, given that this is a very thick area and in my case especially so, it was quite a serious undertaking, never-the-less I just had to do it. So there I was with three piercings each side, and just for good measure eventually a vertical clit piercing. Then chastity just started! The initial chastity thing, was just padlocks through the pussy rings, mainly bondage play.

Of course there was no real chastity here because the rings could easily be opened and the padlock, or pussy released. This was Erotic submission photography a turn-on all round, so the next stage beckoned.

We settled on a Bernasco style chastity plate, this was a brass plate shaped to fit over my mound with a slit, through which my pussy-lips were drawn, and Danny walters naked three padlocks fitted, although in my case a set of chains supported the plate to my body so more like a Francesco de Carrerra stylethese were not secure.

It was the infibulation which did that! Sorry but I don't have a photo of this, Girls getting spanked stories it was like the one here - mine was based upon this photo!

Although this was great, it wasn't good for full time use, as it pinched terribly. We therefore decided to go for a proper chastity belt. I wore this all the time - when I could, Biggest boobs in class main problem was the secondary shield which was too bulky for jeans etc.

A second chastity belt was therefore needed! Hal was either very ill, or had passed away at the time I cannot remember the exact situationin any case a Tollyboy was out of the question.

The result was a home-made copy of my belt, however without the secondary shield, - see photo left. This became my most popular belt it was flat, comfortable, Lesbians forced to orgasm very secure!

With this I could wear it with almost any clothes, so this allowed me to expand my wardrobe! The front lock was still an issue, and after several years of wear the chain plated started to rust - as it has on my tollyboy - it takes some years - but it happens!

We just had to replace them with a new belt. The belt shall be secured to my Used whore tumblr using the piercings.

Female permanent chastity captions

I attach some photos of the construction, and the Gay doctor who fanfiction, again like the tollyboy it comprises a waist belt, front-plate, and chains to the rear. However in this case the front-plate is riveted to the belt, and the lock is actually a one-way set of latches.

Some new 3 mm thick Bars and "buttons" were also made, three of these buttons are extended for the bars, which go between my pussy lips; whilst the forth has very deep holes for the clit ring; all the buttons have a 10 mm slot part, which allows the button to slip along the front slit in the chastity belt.

I was sent to have my pussy waxed - very Military wife caught cheating since the padlocks were placed back in for the visit and painful! The "latches" were cut into the tang, and then the belt re-fitted!

‘permanent chastity’ stories

OK this is where I must admit it really hit me! It's been just a Sexually submissive husband weeks since I have been secured, and it's fantastic. I used to think I was secure with a normal chastity belt, but I knew the lock was the weak part, if I really wanted to get out a pair of mole-grips, or stiltsons on the lock would easily obtain a release - OK some superficial damage to the belt, but new pins etc.

My pussy also feels very secure - pinned to the front plate!!!!!! No one Wife showing pussy to friends to know how long Corrie Permanent Chastity lasted or what happened to her. Contact Admin. Thanks for sharing it. This girl were is? The hips are tapered in because of the extended belt wear and the belt seems to fit her like a hand in a glove.

Female permanent chastity fiction

That, uhhh, hmmm, I suppose that takes a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication, as well as no regard for sexual release feelings. Takes a special kind of woman to want permanent chastity. I wonder if this is more fantasy than practicality. Honestly, I suppose it depends on the skillset and knowledge base Katy perry and rihanna kissing the woman, and what she has available to her to effect a release from that stainless steel panty prison. If she really wanted to get out of that belt, there is always a dremel tool and a carbide burr to grind off those rivet tops and remove that coverplate.

Even if it were somehow possible to TIG weld the stainless steel waistband together and front shield to it without getting severely burned, there is still hand shears. IF the belt is gauge SS, there is always a Whitney punch and nibble a line of holes through the band I feel I have just shown that physical "permanent chastity" is just not feasible given Dad comes in daughters pussy to purpose to get free.

Of course, all that depends on the woman getting access to these tools and knowing how to use them without harming herself.

Secret’s revealed

But what good is living that way??? Sorry for being cynical. I do like that bulge-free appeal. Clever de!!! Re: Permanent Chastity Quote Post by plunder » 15 SepI've spent some time making various piercing elements; I also made belts and experimental parts with Richard Tollyboy in Jennifer lopez bent over years when he was mostly living in Sheffield.

When I first found a about Corrie almost 16 years ago now I kept some notes on it. The overall approach seems quite reasonable and viable.

In the end; these always determine the success or failure of a de. Tollyboy moved on to Thong format belts and Drop Front des over a decade ago. In recent times he has deed alternative solutions.

I wonder if that would improve things for chastity users. Any chance you could more contents?