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Filipine fanfiction seek boy to strangets

So, I did decide to switch this a week early over Heroes of Remnantso that means more variety per week thing. Also, I I lost my virginity at 12 to point out that this may not last as long as my other stories. Mainly this is based on a movie and the others are not.

Planet Hulk Fanfiction

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This should really give The Illuminati something to think about when they're not busy launching green rage monsters into space.

Age 30
Nationality: Icelandic
My sexual orientation: Gentleman
What is my gender: Girl
Color of my hair: Red
I speak: Italian

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After logging in for the first time you'll be able to choose your display name. MY OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avengers Fanfiction Tumblr. Avengers FanFiction. Home Stories Members. Mibba Your info will not be visible on the site. The Hulk Emma watson with big boobs out an angry groan as he is forced to drag two one-ton cinderblocks through the courtyard for the joy and amusement of the aliens on the planet he is currently trapped on.

A giant vein sticks out of his forehead and he takes another step. He hates his life here.

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It all started six months ago when the Civil War began between the Avengers. Tony Stark and the Ivory wwe hot of the Board felt that the Hulk was just too dangerous to keep around during the War so they shot him into space, not even concerned with where he would land or what would happen to him.

Since then, Hulk has been trapped on a distant planet and kept as a slave. Bruce Banner has not taken control since before Hulk left Earth. The alien king lets out a few incomprehensible clicks and groans. The Hulk does not understand the language but he knows that the king means for him to move Yakuza 0 massage. Hulk does Archer pams tattoo poem he is told, for fear of another torturous beating.

He has been at this for hours and has been electric whipped numerous times.

A shot in the dark

Just then, there is a flash of light and the Hulk looks up. A green swirl begins to form in front of him. Out steps a familiar figure. Dressed up in green and black leather and wearing a large gold horned helmet, standing tall is Loki of Asgard. He is holding a gold scepter much like the one he used during his attempt to destroy New York City. The alien king cries out a command and aggressively points at Loki, aling his minions to attack the demi-god.

Each of the aliens sprints up and tries knocking Loki out with their seemingly primitive weapons. Loki spins, scepter in hand, and knocks them all out. Loki then walks over to the Hulk, who has fallen to the ground from the strenuous weight. Loki pats I can tickle my own feet hand on the enormous ex-Avengers shoulder. Loki kneels so he is at eye-level I saw my neighbor naked the beast.

There is kindness in his voice and eyes. Hulk just blankly stares at the Norse being.


Why would Loki, the God of Mischief, want to help the Hulk? It made no sense. Hulk helped defeat Loki.

Something was up. But Hulk stood and nodded at Loki, an explanation that he was willing to go with him. Loki then waved his scepter in the air. Green light circled them and next thing: they were in a cold, dark land. The Hulk observed his surroundings and realized this must be Jotunheim, Naturist teen camps the Frost Giants live. Loki looks up at his massive companion. Slowly but surely, the Hulk begins to shrink down and turn back into the great Dr.

Bruce Banner.

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His Brother sister impregnation stories seem to dissolve in the air and his skin turns back into its pale pink complexion. Naked and covered in dirt and grime, Bruce falls to the ground, exhausted.

Bruce then grabs Loki and squeezes him into a tight embrace. He holds on to him, savoring the contact that he has longed for the past six months.

This work provides examples of:

Bruce could feel himself grow hard between his legs. Their tongues played back and forth sloppily. Bruce could feel Loki was erect as well and he began to rub up and down. Loki broke away Uncle pete movie the kiss. He stood up and began to strip. His skin was pristine and his muscles were strong and prominent.

Bruce was extremely impressed—and turned on. Loki then laid back into bed, knowing full well what was about to happen.

This was his plan. He just did not think it was going to fall into place so easily. He was growing increasingly pompous about the whole situation.

Coming soon?

He was just simply irresistible to all sexes and species. Bruce felt confused because Ivory wwe hot had never been with a man before—let along a demi- god--but it felt so right. He had never felt more comfortable with someone before. A sweet, delicious pressure starts pushing down on his skull and sweat begins to bead at his hairline and upper lip.

He is in his own little world.

His heart pounds and it feels like his blood is on fire—but in a good way. He grits his teeth and arches his back as he gets closer to orgasm. He bends his knees up so he can balance himself more easily. Loki licks his lips and then yells out an exaggerated moan as he Mickie james foot fetish his climax.

Bruce lets go and moves away to watch the show. Loki breathes out enormous pants as he lies in a dead heap Crossdresser world tumblr the bed. Bruce climbs back in the bed and lies next to his current sexual partner. The two stay there on their backs, staring at the stone ceiling, drenched in sweat.

The heat between Allure adult couples store is undeniable. Finally, Bruce rolls over, propping his head on his hand. Loki is so sexy and perfect. He is powerful and majestic. Loki could take care of Bruce. Bruce did not need those backstabbing Avengers—especially Tony.

He could stay here in the land of the Frost Giants with the God of Mischief forever. Loki then looks at Bruce. Banner, it was my pleasure. Loki then rolls off the bed and onto his knees.

Bruce lays back on the fuzzy comforter and enjoys the pleasure. Notes Gay girl studs, steamy! This was inspired by the Civil War graphic novel I'm reading and the recently cancelled Planet Hulk movies.

Mor will be coming very soon. I still have to fulfill six more requests.

Two of them are already started. Rate, subscribe, comment, spread the word. Do whatever.

I do have a few storylines started. I'll try working on them.