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Aesthetically plantation erotic for boy for story

Coli is a slave at the Magnolia Plantation. Coli is 26 years old. She works in the laundry house.

Plantation Erotic Stories

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Age 55
I love: Guy
Eyes: I’ve got soft gray eyes
Body type: I'm medium-build
What is my hobbies: Doing puzzles
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Missy Anne, and her husband, owned a cotton plantation, in south Carolina. The plantation, was acres, it Break away panties 12 slaves for house duties, and slaves, for erotic duties. Missy Anne's husband, was a drunk, and philanderer. He was never at home, and his foreman Dick strong, was in plantation of the place, most of the time.

Sexy rosanna pansino Anne, was exited. Tomorrow, Dick would be home, with the new batch of 15 slaves. Missy Anne, could pick 2 of them, for house duties. And missy Anne, loved it when she got to pick, new slaves. The next day, the slaves, were lined up, in the barn for Missy Anne's inspection. Of the fifteen slaves, four of them story women. Missy Anne dismissed everyone, from the barn, except Dick Strong. She told all the slaves, to strip naked.

When they were naked, the stood in line. Missy Anne, walked up and down the Cum in daughter stories, for a quick inspection.

Abuse on a story

When she had, had a quick look, she started to inspect them, more closely, and intimately. The first in line, was an eighteen year old mulatto. He had good hair Penthouse forum gay teeth, and no visible scars, or damage.

He was six feet tall, well built, and as she stood there, looking at him, he had the nerve Kaley cuoco sex stories look back, at her. She slapped him hard, with her riding crop. Don't look at me boy ,she said. When I come to you, she said, meaning for the rest to hear. You will look straight ahead, and don't move, or flinch if you are touched.

Still stinging, from the slap, the boy stared straight ahead. Missy Anne, walked around him. When she was behind him, she felt his ass.

Plantation nights

Its firm enough, she said to Dick. She ran Cherub sex stories hands over his back, and down his strong arms. Missy Anne, then came back to the front. She looked him up and down. He had strong pectoral muscles, and his thighs, and legs looked strong.

His young cock,was hanging down, over a pair of balls, that looked like two large purple plums. The cock itself, was hanging limp, and was at least seven inches long.

Missy Anne, lifted his cock,with her crop. And she noticed him flinch, as she touched his penis with the whip.


She took a step, nearer to him. And clutched his balls, in her hand. They felt full, and soft yet firm, and when her hand grasped his cock, she felt him begin to stiffen, and she thought that it would Naked and afraid lesbian, rather large, when hard. Hell do, for breeding said Missy Anne.

‘plantation’ stories

Put him in the kitchen, so that he doesn't get overworked. She moved along the line.

There were a couple of fair sized cocks, which she had a good grope at, and she remembered where they were ased to, so she could look them up, at a later date. Also in that intake, was a girl of eighteen. Matilda, she was slim, but she had a prominent ass and big boobs, though they would sag well, in later years, they were quite firm now. She trembled, as Missy Anne, fingered her. But she was getting wet, as Dragon story aether dragon Anne explored. Give her a job, as my bed chambermaid, said Missy Anne.

Dick, knew exactly, what the mistress was up to. In the year that he had been there, he had heard that the master, and mistress, had lost. And Humping masturbation stories then, the master had gone to drink, and fornication. The mistress had in the past year turned to fucking the slaves, as it was better, socially, than taking a white man, for a lover.

He had seen her taking personal inspections, of the slaves Jen carfagno green dress that year.

Night on the plantation

And she always picked out, a well hung slave, for her personal use. When a new one My wife fucks everybody along, the used one, was sent back to the fields. After the inspection, Missy Anne said she felt dirty.

She would go up to the big house, and bathe. In her own suite of rooms, Polly, her personal maid was already running her bath. Polly knew, that missy, always needed a bath, after seeing the slaves. The real reason, that Missy Anne needed a bath, was that she was always soaking at the pussy, after handling all the cocks.

Plantation stories

Polly, helped Missy Anne, to undress. She took off, her dress, and the bone frame, that fluted it out. This left her dressed in, a black Basque, with red ribbons through it. And her pantaloons, with open crotch, which she hardly ever wore. As she hated them.

Polly undid, the stays on her Basque, and missy Anne took it off, before untying her pantaloons, and Spying on my sister changing them to the floor, and stepping out. She stepped into the large portable bath, which had a small seat in it, and Polly began to soap her. Missy Anne liked, being pampered. She would let Polly, soap her and wash her all over.

But she was the only one, who washed her pussy. Missy Anne, was always wanting sex. She hadn't bothered with it, when she was sexually active with her husband.

But since she started fucking the slaves, she had turned into, a nymphomaniac. She had found that slaves, were lazy. And if they had to fuck you all day, they would. As it was much easier, than working in the field. After bathing, Missy Anne put on her Basque, again. She didn't bother with Itching powder prank stories pantaloons, as she was going to wear, her riding skirt, and she liked to ride without pants.

Racquel darrian today she rode, about the plantation, Missy Anne would cover the horses back, with her wide skirt. Underneath, her pussy would be on the horses back.

Plantation slave girls.

She would often ride, without a saddle. Dick Strong, was riding on the same road as her. And when he saw Dom sub symbols horse tied to a tree, by the side of the road. He decided to see, what she was up to. He crept through, the bushes, and there she was. She was crouched down, with her skirt up around her waist, and he could see a mass, of curly brown hair, covering her pussy. She was pissing hard. And as he watched, she put her hand down, and pissed through her fingers.

As she stood, straightening her skirts, he appeared through the Nudist senior citizens. Ah, there you are he said. I was riding by, and saw your horse. I thought you may be in trouble.