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Against girl Sex guy to window

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Sex Against A Window

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My girlfriend and I maintained a pretty vanilla sex life for the past three years.

A few months back we were staying at a hotel, and during sex [11pmish] I was compelled to tell her to open the curtains, just to see how she'd respond. I could tell this really turned her on, and a few minutes later, I pushed a chair up to the window, told her to get on it, and started having sex with her doggystyle. She was nervious but still turned on, and when I made her look outside to see that a couple of guys in high-rise apartments across from our hotel were watching us, she went wild, and came multiple times.

Viking conquest story didn't last too long after that, but when I was finished, we kept the window open, and went at it a couple more times that night, trying out different positions that would expose different parts of her to anyone who was watching from the high-rise apartments nearby.

We went to bed naked, with the windows open, and did it a couple more times in the morning.

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I booked a room at the same hotel for tomorrow, looking forward to enjoying a similar experience. I was wondering though, if anyone else wanted to share any sort of similar experiences. Has anyone had any bad experiences doing this, like getting complaints or anything? Also, if you enjoy doing this, is there anything you'd suggest doing to heighten the experience, or any Coc mistress elly one might want to explore beyond having sex with open windows in highly populated areas?

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Whenever my wife and I stay at a hotel we almost always do this. If we want to be really daring, though, we go to the local sex club and put on a show for whoever is there. Done Lady scarlett nude. Mostly at hotels where there wasn't much chance getting caught but the idea of being watched by strangers was a huge turn on for both of us.

If both of you are into it, then go for it but be careful. I did it once on a balcony and that was good too but probably not the best idea since it was her apartment Male dominant erotic stories she could have gotten evicted if we got caught.

We did it once in a room overlooking Time Square and that was a thrill because there was so many Married couple in foursome sex around. Felt like we were surrounded by observers. Try going to a swingers party. Most of them have group rooms where you can do what you want in front of other people.

up on Swinglifestyle. We were on holiday once and one evening we heard the couple next door having sex on the balcony. We got so turned we we did it too.

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For the Wives fucked on vacation of the holiday both couples did the same every evening before dinner. We used to all just give a cheeky smile and wink at each other when we saw each other around the hotel.

Yep - hotel windows, my windows, their windows On balconies at night Does mean you have to be quieter Helping friend fuck his wife You know, Caught me masturbating are little kids out there, whose parents might prefer they learn about sex some other way.

I could definitely see doing this with a couple of partners, but I don't think she or I would enjoy that with her family members. There are some friends though, who might just be worth calling No, don't do this.

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It's not "extreme", it's childish, selfish, and quite inconsiderate to the family member you're exposing to your private life. Found the internet! What Else is There Explore? Posted by 7 years ago.

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I second this and done that. Wow, that's hot. Did you see people watching you? Continue this thread.

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Great idea, thanks! Consider a web-cam or a sex-club. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions.

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