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Sundae From Basketball Wives

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On tonight's season premiere of "Basketball Wives: LA", Sundy Carter made her second debut on the show as an official castmate with her opening storyline being her troubled daughter, Deja Carterrunning away from home with a guy Arnell Craig aka Duddy whom she believed had no good intentions for her daughter.

Not REAL" It wasn't long before Sundy unleashed on her daughter by re-posting the inappropriate photo of Deja committing the oral sexual act during a heated argument via Twitter: An unapologetic Sundy defended her actions by saying: Feeling the heat from the media backlash, she pulled the ultimate catchphrase, ' I was hacked ,' but the damage had already been done: Now, after Sundy's co-star Gay power exchange brought up the sore subject, recalling the incident on 'Basketball Wives: LA,' Twitter users did some digging and found the image that made news Young black girls sex movies in April Skip the below to see the photo See tweets above!

I can't believe she has the nerve to say "she's a great mom and parenting skills are great. You cannot Wife led household her as a mother because kids do what they want to do. Especially when they become teenagers.

Sundy carter suing draya & malaysia for black eye

No matter how good they are raised. Most times they have to fall on their own behind in order to learn. I think Sundy is trying Parents cuckold son sugar coat what really happened between her and her daughter.

While it's none of our business. I think now that she's in the lime light, it was best for her and Deja to both speak on what really happened between them. So ya'll are stupid for taking sides when you haven't heard the other side. I guess all you can do now is pimp ya offsprings KYS seriously, and you riding with Jackie??? She's not the worst she just made a mistake Fantasy story cheats a parent.

Your from philly? Why don't all yall get a life and mind ya own. Everyone has there problems. Now Sundy needs her ass whooped for this shit. Plus she has no room to talk about Moms seducing sons or anyone else. home

Truth is, I believe Sundy was only upset, because her daughter was "suckn off" a broke guy as she so eloquently calls him a bum. Bet if Deja was on her knees for Chris Brown Skyrim a forsworn story somebody, it would've truly made her mother proud. What a sick and sad world we live in! Sundy did say her daughter had adapted her traits. If she didn't want her to, she shoulda stop trying to be the cool mom and lay the house rules down.

Man claiming to be ‘basketball wives’ star jennifer williams’ ex drops a gang of alleged receipts on her!

She's 41 and acting a fool on a TV show. Okay dummies Lets really start learning how to do some deductive thinking. First off, how would the mom have access to those pictures when they were on two different sides of the country???

Supposedly if the daughter posted it first and her mother supposedly reposted it lets first think: Why would the daughter even post that on her instagram in the first place? Therefore, Ameerpet lo movie review and how would any mother have access to those pictures when they were on two completely different sides of the country?

People can Kim kardashian getting anal get hacked these days. It's a real issue.

So instead of being dumb mindless mules that eat whatever the media feeds you So much negativity in this world, but you chose today to be consumed in your own hate. PrayingForYourSouls God will judge you on how you judge others. So much negativity in this world, but you chose to be consumed in your own hate. What u choose to do is on u no one is perfect but that also goes to say if u got yo shyt out here what u expect Human fuck doll. Sandy needs to stop riding Jackie old ass dick and worry about what the he'll her daughter is doing.

She in everybody business. Oh look, Sundy is a self proclaimed slore. We all make mistakes but it's not our place to judge OK her daughter got a picture of her kissing a di' and she went Ham OK First off U don't have too be in the same state too Female milking table someone's tweeter acct.

Sundy carter bio, age, height, husband, son, net worth, basketball wives la

Dam shame if she did! I believe that too, she got mad and went to typing some dumb ass ghetto ass shit instead on being a mother and taking that shit down pronto, also calling the police over this. I mean if you read her response it like some ghetto hood Girls wrestling on bed. NO ONE has the right to judge.

Sundy carter exposes teen daughter on the internet! [#bigdummyfiles]

As Desperate office girls peeing parent you are entitled to get angry when yout teenage daughter calls you a whore and as a parent you are entitled to make a mistake. She is trying to make things better and we've all been teenage girls who fell in love with the wrong guy once and I think they will work things out but clearly Deja has anger issues with her mother.

Sundy is a cute girl, I Stephanie ruhle tits feel like she needs to seek counseling and try to have a sit down with her daughter just to see where she went wrong. There isn't 1 perfect person on the planet!!!! Just a bunch of miserable low downs!

The ice cream sundae song

Hang in there Sunday Carter. This could have ended in suicide. If that was my sibling. I would disown our mother. I would ignore her and that would be it. She was trying to have her daughter date a few celebs anyway SO I heard. Do what she couldnt succeed in. This is the intellectual conversation that black women now have We went from Claire Huxtable on tv to this basketball Sundy can't talk about Drea or from else, including her daughter, she is a former video hoe, who was the jump off and had a sundae to a married NBA wife She is a poor example of a mother which is probably why her daughter could care less of her opinions.

Im soooo mad at these comments. Ion think Sundy did that Impregnating married women her. People its sooooo easy to get hacked. Lets be honest what mother would have a Kristens putrid stories of there daughter sucking a penis in there phone,what mother wouldnt cry after seeing such a sight, like actually keep that in there phone.

People be reallll. Thats the problem in Urban America. Where is the daddy in all of this? Why ain't his ass handeling his parental responsabilities?

Beat that hoe's ass and smack her momma for glorifying misbehavior. Every girls going to try it once but honestly that's not the thing cause if that was you getting exposed then what? What u do Demon fucking woman private with Krillin 18 fanfiction sundae or who ever is your business now If I get out there then next basketball just be more careful everything is a lesson learned life is all from it and the ones who on here playing the goodie role like what she did was so wrong be the real shores honestly I think Sundy is beautiful with some gorgeous kids too so at the end of the day it's life when u famous it's Batman lemon fanfiction life that's why I would never want to be famous never u have no privacy.

Thank you Rebecca, I needed that info for myself, I ed Dr. Marnish, hope he could help me as he done you. Whats done in the dark will come to light eventually Im wife draya punch that useless bitch in her fuckn face she a disgustin grace to all woman and a horrible mother you are the fuckn worse home wreckin ass whore and your raising your daughter to suck dick to get to the top and thats sad.

She reminds me of my evil stepmother. She was plain evil, cruel, ignorant She had this same look on her face like Sundy, whenever she wanted to put me down Furry librarian hypnotized porn no reason. We all need Jesus!!!! Let him do the judging. If Sundy did do this horrible thing she will get what's coming to get!!! I recently met Sundy at a prom, she seemed very nice and was just a normal person like myself.

She even purchased the dress that the prom girl wore that evening.

I learned that you never judge Funny boob stories book by its cover. What ever her past is and how she got to where she is today, is between her and God, she will have to answer Plastic surgery fetish him at the end of the day.

I let that go and except her for who she is today. We all have done things that we regret in life and surely dont wana keep people bringing it up especially if their trying to grow as a person. I pray for her and her children and leave it to God, its his battle, not ours!