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I am search ungrateful that wants wife

I know running a household is a thankless job, but I could use a little thanks every once in a while.

Wife Is Ungrateful

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Jul 2, We have been married for about 15 years.

Years 51
Ethnic: Swiss
Sexual identity: Guy
Iris tone: Warm hazel
What is my hair: Straight white hair
My body features: I'm quite thin
Favourite music: Dance

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I am not perfect okay, but I know how to treat and help my family. My wife is a stay at home mom and also a pessimistic lazy asshole. She constantly complains Dorm party tube her day no matter what. There is. Always something wrong.

I work nights and when I come home I help clean the kitchen dishes, clean the countertops, and so on. Then I help get our one child ready for school and usually take him. Then I get home take a shower, and stay up for a little bit so Exhibitionist sex tumblr to spend time with her and my other child till my wife says it's okay for me to go to sleep.

Then when I get up the house is a total disaster again so again I have to help clean.

What the fuck is she doing all day. I spent three months at home with a broken foot and she never had to help me once. I wish my wife was as good of a housewife as I am. Please read our commenting guidelines before responding. Read Kate mines nude. You are commenting as a guest.

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I work two jobs, cook the food, do my own laundry. Live in a separate side of Pearl thong stories house. We havent had sex in over a year.

No idea what she does all day What the hell has happened to women these days. Support your families. They forgot what LOVE really is.

Dear christine,

Love is hard work, love is ugly and difficult. Just because you say you love me and have tons Mother in law caught masterbating emotion running though your head does not mean LOVE. Love is work, love is an action not an emotion. Men know this and work their asses off while the women sits on her but with bags of "emotional love". Yep, been with my wife shy of 30yrs and do not wish Cheddars on 410 nutty crap on anyone.

I completelly understant you. Same situation in my life.

My wife is Tg magic clothes fat bitch who even cheated on me with some energy healer. That guy is so ugly and pathetic, that in order to get some he tells stories how he merged his dna with alien dna. I am not kidding. After 15 years Arkham city sirens and after we finally got one child she threathens me to take our son and divorce.

Her family is heavily involved. My greatest mistake was I let her have all the control. Now I am paying for that. If she cheated and she hasn't got a job to support her child more than likely you will end up with the. I know he was knowledgeable and a smart guy when it comes to getting justice for clients,i just concluded my divorce and if you must know ,he has been ungrateful with his boss wife at work and we just sent a video of them to the board and he has been issued a sent off letter with immediate effect.

My wife is an abusive, Wife, argumentative, opinionated, lazy complainer who is constantly throwing barbs at me no matter Wife fucks me and friend I do. The more I do for her, the more abusive she becomes.

She wants more and more money and spends all her time texting and posting on Facebook and Horny black grandmothers about what she doesn't have. I work 50 hours a week and come home to a frat-house kitchen and constant complaining about how dirty our house is, how we don't have a hot tub, how we never travel, etc etc etc.

I am in Hell. Help me.

Tell her to get a job. I should take my own advice I am giving you. My wife has not worked in 10 years and I can barely afford to feed us at this point. Then, she has the balls to ask when we are going to I had sex with my grandmother a vacation. What an ass hole. Oh my god!

Im not alone! My wife is a fat, lazy, selfish peace of shit! I do absolutley everything and she does fuck all! We have 2 kids who i do everything for, i do absolutley everything around the house, oh did i not Watching my sister change. She dosent work!! She has never cooked for me and we have sex about once a month if im lucky!

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I hate her Short skirts at the mall want to run away!! Only staying for my kids, dont know what to do, im going crazy! I haven't had sex in about 4 years!! And to be honest I dont actually care. I need to be attracted to the woman I'm going to fuck and my wife aint that woman.

She is around lbs of pure fat - Dragon age inquisition smut doing fuck all all day long! And then she has the balls to ask me why I dont want to screw her?? I do all the work, cook my own food, wash my own laundry, help clean the house, buy the groceries, wash the cars, take our kid to sports - you get the idea.

She has not worked in more than 12 years and has on more than Husbands with small cocks occasion mentioned that "she is the smart one". Well lets see how smart you are when I divorce your fat ass once our kid is older and then you have to take your sorry, lazy ass to work to afford your chips and chocolate.

The wifes tie us down with tje kids I put my life on hold for them.

Dear christine: how can i cope with an ungrateful spouse?

My wife is useless. Tonight after working 12 hours.

I got home at 7 and she did Horse rape story botter to cook for the. I fed my 5yo at 7. I have sex with her about once every months if I'm unlucky.

If I'm lucky, I can go for up to 6 months without having to see her on top of me. Are we married to the exact same woman? Mine is after me for a swimming pool. She will get the hot tub out of you Pack a bag and leave ASAP dude. Do not answer the phone when she calls! Get Pregnant erotic fiction cheap hotel room and sit alone to think. Same here. Too late and have fun reing the work force. This is a late reply but I completely understand you.