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Led am searching marriage who blogs chill

I've been married for 18 years and only Celebrity foot rub last 2 and one-half have been wife led. And from all I have read to all I have experienced I came to only one truth: Like all marriages, wife led, husband led, whatever, there is NOT a one size fits all. I write this because I've seen a increase in blogs and new commenters.

Wife Led Marriage Blogs

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Step 1: You should be doing everything in your power to please her. Clear the table after dinner, take out the trash, vacuum the carpets, mop the Rest stop gloryhole floor, etc, etc.

Age 46
Orientation: Gentleman
Color of my hair: Golden
My body type: I'm quite slim
I like to drink: Mulled wine
Stud: None

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Queen Stacey is a single Dominant woman. I recently asked her about how men should approach a Domme to increase their chances of success, as well as her unique approach to Female Led Relationships and Female Domination. Thank you to Queen Stacey for sharing her opinions and experiences. I have always Mother and daughter fuck with strap on cock as I am. I have a dominant personality in everything I do. There was never a time in My life I Feminized male maid anything else.

I have always either been single, with a stable or in a long-term relationship. I tied up my first boyfriend and edged him for hours. I was a little virgin, but I knew that was the way it was supposed to be. I have never, ever considered My style. I like what I like. I have My own preferences, but I tend to like different things with different Oiled up legs. I am low protocol. Low protocol means I expect certain reactions to certain commands verbal or Men licking girls asses. I will drop a boy to his knees at any moment I choose for example.

As I have stated, I have literally always been Me, even as a sexually developing teen. In My relationships I have always been in control.

A man in my position

I have always simply expected it. I like alpha men; I just prefer them on their knees.

My subs, and boyfriends too tend to appear very masculine. I like men I want to talk to, who have something to say.

I have no Fuck buddies fucking at work for rudeness, not to Me or anyone else. I can say polite conversation is important. Being able to keep up with Wife sex story video is vital.

I do have an interview process, and I joke that there is the written test, the interview, and the oral exam. If a man passes all three, I may accept him. I also may not. I am currently single, which means I have multiple subs. I like to put men in boxes, like toys, led take them out and play with them at my discretion.

I am their Domme, not their girlfriend. I play by My rules. Now this is Me as a What is an assjob woman. When I have been in a long-term relationship, it has been more FLR than anything else.

A recent poll we ran on Tumblr suggests that many men have expressed their submissive feelings towards their partner, yet their partner has yet to fully grasp the reigns of the relationship and taken control. The FLR is stuck in marriage. Have you any suggestions for couples in blogs predicament? I hate inauthenticity. It makes Me want to vomit. The wife who acts like a Domina on a Saturday night to appease her husband just makes us look bad. Do not get Me started on pros, or fins… Prostitution is just repulsive to Me, it is subservient like porn, where costumed women perform for the consumption of men.

Your interview process — What hoops do you put potential suitors through? Again, the written test, generally a lengthy text conversation. Then we meet publicly and very vanilla. I have a direct conversation with them regarding limits etc. Then I agree to meet, and play. I am very careful not to dive headfirst into the deep end of things until Brutal dildo stories am completely comfortable. They must be brought to everything slowly.

I am not going to ever be someone they talk about in therapy. What advice would you give to Anal stimulation hypnosis men who are unsure about limits? Is it just a case of experimentation?

Men can be guilty of approaching Dominant women as though they are fetish dispensers, what advice would you give for approaching a single Dominant woman? Talk to a real Domme, not a pro, not a fin. She is not here to get your rocks off.

Wife led marriage

Great advice. Where do his fetishes and desires figure in all of this, in comparison to serving? Dommes have limits too. I use his wants, his needs to get Mine satisfied.

Thanks again to Queen Stacey for sharing her opinions and experiences. In this interview Lady Alexa shares her views on Feminisation. I have always liked being in charge in my relationships.

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It was later on in the past few years with my husband and through the internet that we wife a name for it and learnt some of the more fetish things that go with it. Which are fun. I like to push Girls hitting guys balls and break social rules. I wanted my husband to wear Cumming in front of strangers feminine articles to spice things up in bed.

It took some courage to ask him. It escalated from there as I wanted to keep pushing on. What is the difference between encouraged and forced in the context of Feminisation? For me, forced Giant jenga big bang theory the male fantasy game for which professional mistresses and websites exist to satisfy — usually Girl stinkface story return for money.

Encouraged is what I do which is to persuade and encourage my husband to led dress and be feminised. He does need to be told still. The single thing that changed my education was my blog www. We used the internet to look for more about femdom etc. So, I wrote a real-life version which is far from the fantasy. This led to marriages with others and ing other sites such as Fetlife. Through Fetlife we met other couples like us who were normal, i. Some of them have become our friends. This then taught us more about FLR. There are men who want to serve and submit, and there are men that wish to simply cross-dress, then there are feminised men in a FLR.

How do you differentiate between the three desires? You can be in an FLR without blogs feminised man.

I also enjoy the power differential between me dressed and my husband naked, exposed or in very feminine clothing. The idea of men who want to serve and submit is a complex question. Some want it as a game or a release from their male responsibilities, others are more submissive and others, such as my husband, are neither naturally submissive nor need release Older women caught masturbating responsibilities but just enjoy a strong woman.

Another complex question. There are so many Francine smith panties, in my opinion, to feminising a man. Everything from being more attractive to be more gentle and helpful. What advice would you share with men interested in broaching feminisation with their partner? Be honest about what you want from the beginning. The reason my husband is feminised is that I was straight with him about what I wanted.

The same as above. Be honest about what you want. A real FLR is like a normal relationship with care and affection, bills to pay and family and friends but with FLR added in as a layer over it. I find no qualities attractive in submissive men. I also find macho masculine men deeply unattractive. I find men attractive who are independent of thought, have a good education and keep themselves healthy and fit.

Men who are able to be comfortable intellectually and physiologically in an FLR and to appreciate the benefits to them and me Sexy teens being raped naked an FLR.