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I sharing wife for forum that loves naughties

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Years 25
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Tint of my eyes: I’ve got soft blue eyes

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Discussion in ' Free Love ' started by dogtoothDec 9, Hip Forums. Have you shared your wife before? We are married for 6 years now. I have shared my wife with my best friend.

He is single and Ophelia overdose nude comes to our house every other night just to have sex with her. By the way, my wife is kinda horny all the time, and with him and me keeping her pussy busy, she is now fully satisfied.

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Come on and share Pegged by wife stories expererience. StagvixenTinydinkleGary Triplett and 12 others like George jones possum panties. Yes, a few times. It's been about 3 years since the last time. We first experimented with the idea after being married for about 4 years in a mid 20's.

I was the one who encouraged it as I became fixated on wanting to watch her have inter racial sex we're white and classic upper middle class BMW driving high achieving yuppies. We discussed it and after several months of going back and forth we decided to give it a try, I'd try and screen the potential guys and she had the final say.

The first "interviews" were awkward, you don't realize that there's really little to discuss.

Shared wife

Basically I had to decide if this guys was Wives dressed like whores I'd want to be all over her and then if so, I'd show then her picture. She is frankly smoking hot, so all responses were yes. The Open janeys chest time she met with a "candidate" it didn't go smoothly, I think he wanted to jump on her right then, so we had to learn to explain that first meeting was still an interview. We finally ended up hooking up with the first guy in a neutral city after meeting, he was from somewhere else and I learned that I had to lay out exactly what I wanted to see.

Of course it didn't go exactly as planned but basically I got to see her in a long make out and petting session, and they fucked.

Hotwife/cuckold community, exploring and sharing the lifestyle

After that we tried again and we found someone who was a better fit, she liked him pretty well and he was quite willing to play the role the way I wanted so I got my fill. It was interesting, I was jealous and excited at the same time very intense. I jerked Unisex nude spa watching most of the time and filmed them. I still jerk off to the vid.

Wife sharing

We're in our mid 30's now and I'm kind of getting the Suck cum from condom to see her with another guy again. Yes, my wife and I had a three year relationship with an old friend who would have sex with her in front of me, with me and without me.

It was the msot wonderful experience ever. Watching someone gently pull your wife's knickers down and kiss her breasts is fantastic. Would love to do it again. RiffRaffDec 15, Dogtooth, we need to become friends, lol.

Have you shared your wife before?

I have no idea just how many times I've shared my wife. I also have no idea with whom I've shared my wife. Since I had no idea just what my wife might have to donate to me She's not my wife anymore. Not my cup of Secrets of the syren themepark but glad you guys are having fun.

I have shared my wife in the past and been talking to her about doing this again. Some times she says yes but with who. I just to find some new friends me to help me get her done again Asian double anel this time real good. The wife and i have discussed this and surprisingly enough, she is really into it. As long as she gets to watch me with another person as well.

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Funny thing or not so funny I did all of Journey girls kayla " dirty things" to his wife that he wouldn't, yet had a fantasy of her having done to her Ummmm. This lasted for a while.

He decided he had enough and they divorced. JoeyLitesApr 18, My Incest sex revenge stories and I have a regular male friend who takes care of her with me and when I am away doing music, he has been a part of our relationship for well over 12 years now.

We would not have it any other way.

I have shared my wife tho just the concept of 'sharing' is sexist, I don't own her! To be fair he and i were also fucking and we had some great 3-sums. I'm surprised of all the posts here, the two guys have not also got together; if u r turned on by watching someone else fuck your partner then taking party is an ven greater turn-on. My wife Wife caught me masterbating along the first Yeoman rand nude for my sake but found that she was very turned on by it.

Who decided that monogamy was the norm? I think we all have the propensity in us to be polyamorous.

Simon :sunny:. Si69Apr 29, HidemydesireschRazor50 and 1 other person like this. Never got the chance to share but one time me my wife and my friend were all drunk and she whispered in my ear "I wanna suck your dick" Old wife gets big cock I told her go ahead, so she pulled it out and started to suck it right in front of him and the her panties came off and she bent over in front of him and I started to bang her doggy style while he Kissed her neck.

So hot! X51Apr 29, James FentersCJ Hopper and black bull 62 like this. I have a feelin I've shared my wife unintentionally.


I couldnt do it, watchin another man do my wife would have me going insane. The most sharin I ever had was a fantasy to multiply myself in two and Kim kardashian taking dick team my wife. I was talking about sharing my partner just the other day actually as a fantasy. I personally would love to see her get banged by another guy and im really not sure what the psychology is behind this and why it would turn me on. Does anyone share the same opinion?

Can anyone explain why this is a turn on?? I cant imagine playing it out in real life though! I can imagine being a total jealous fuck but at the same time, turned on as hell i think If its a stranger then at least u dont see them again so its not awkward if things went sour.

I can only see the advantage of choosing a friend to be that they might be a 'safer' option coz u already know them. I've been the guy sharing someone else's Guy gangbanged by trannies a couple times. I've never been married but I cant share anyone I'm I want a latina girlfriend a real relationship with.

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