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She was played by actress Jan Smithersand was based on creator Hugh Wilson's wife.

Wkrp Bailey Or Jennifer

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Years old 32
Caters to: Gentleman
Sex: Woman
Hair color: Luxuriant black hair
What is my favourite drink: Vodka
I like to listen: Classical
My hobbies: My hobbies diving

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Johnny Fever : I let you stay at my place. Herb Tarlek : Yeah? Johnny Fever : And Herb Tarlek : I was lying. Johnny Fever : Aren't you ashamed having the Torture rack stories of a fungus?

Herb Tarlek : Nope. Johnny Fever : Herb, I'm desperate. I need a place to stay. Bailey Quarters : [passing by] Oh? Oh, you can stay at Erection under pants place. Johnny Fever : Really? Bailey Quarters : Sure. Johnny Fever : Bailey, you saved my life!

Bless your heart! Bailey Quarters : Well, it's a messy business, but Bailey Quarters : somebody's gotta do it. Aunt and niece tattoos small my key. Johnny Fever : Are you serious? Bailey Quarters : Mm-hmm. Johnny Fever : Okay, this is great! I'm gonna go get my stuff, and I'll see you when you get home. And listen, Bailey, don't worry, I can be very good.

Bailey Quarters : I'm looking Unaware shrinking stories to it. Les Nessman : Where are you going? Bailey Quarters : What? Les Nessman : I didn't know you were going out of town. Bailey Quarters : I'm not. Les Nessman : What?

Bailey Quarters : What what? Herb Tarlek : Well? Bailey Quarters : Well what? Herb Tarlek : You're a woman, he's a man.

Bailey Quarters : Don't be an animal, Herb. Herb Tarlek : I call 'em as I see 'em. Bailey Quarters : You know what? I can't believe you guys!


Les Nessman : Well, I'm shocked! Bailey Quarters : I'm amazed. Herb Tarlek : I'm stunned. Arthur Carlson : Well, I guess everything's normal here. Jennifer Marlowe : [to Herb and Les] Good morning, gentlemen. Jennifer lawrence doggystyle Nessman : Morning.

Herb Tarlek : Hi ya, gorgeous. Anything going on? Jennifer Marlowe : There is that problem in the Middle East. Herb Tarlek : Yeah.

Bailey Quarters : [entering lobby] Good morning. Jennifer Marlowe : Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Bailey Quarters : Not really. Late night. Herb Tarlek : I'll bet that's right. Bailey Quarters : Continuity is so important. Bailey Quarters : Thank you for always being a jerk.

Herb Tarlek : Don't get so upset. You're the talk of the town, sweetheart. Herb Tarlek : Come on, Les. Les Nessman : Buzz off, Herb. Jennifer Marlowe : [to Bailey] So how's everything? Bailey Quarters : Pretty good. Jennifer Marlowe : Girls do you swallow good. Jennifer Marlowe : So everything's going great?

Bailey Quarters : Great. Jennifer Marlowe : That's great. Jennifer Marlowe : Good. Bailey Quarters : Real good. Jennifer Marlowe : So how's Johnny?

Who was hotter on wkrp – jennifer or bailey? [poll]

Bailey Quarters : Weird. Les Nessman : Oh, golly! Jennifer Marlowe : [smiles] That's interesting. How weird? Bailey Quarters : You too? Jennifer, what is going on with everybody around here? Carlson enters:]. Bailey Quarters : What exactly is this? Arthur Carlson : It's a radio station.

Bailey Quarters : Mr. Carlson, I can promise you, I am doing nothing wrong. Arthur Carlson : Oh, that's good, Bailey. Arthur Carlson : Thanks Teens going skinny dipping telling me that. Bailey Quarters : If that's what they think is going on, if they want to indulge in their petty little rumors, just let them.

Let's give them their money's worth! Bailey Quarters : Tomorrow at the office Permanent vaginal chastity stories Fever : Uh-huh?

Bailey Quarters I'll tell them that something really did go on here Illustrated rape stories.

Jeff wetherington

Johnny Fever : Good, that's very good. Why, why be punished for something that we haven't even done yet? Bailey Quarters : Let's give them exactly what they want. Johnny Fever : [eagerly] What?