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I'd like arse men who Wwe photography

WWE, When Sheamus made his return after Wrestlemania 31, he broke off in a new direction, turning heel by attacking the beloved Daniel Bryan…. Excuse me, beneath him.

Wwe Kiss My Arse Match

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Erik Beaston is a freelance pro wrestling writer who likes Bizarre taboo tumblr walks in the park, dandelions and has not quite figured out that this introduction is not for Match.

Be jealous. Kiss My Ass Match Only in wrestling, folks.

InBilly Gunn was in the middle of his greatest singles push to date and had Fallout adult fanfiction the moniker of "Mr. With a major pay-per-view match between them looming, the decision was made by the writing staff to add a stipulation. See, two talented guys such as Rock and Gunn could not have a good, old-fashioned wrestling match near the top of the card.

No, they needed some sort of stipulation to really put the match over the top. It was decided that, to play up Gunn's nickname, the match would be a Kiss My Ass match. Wedgie machine story, the loser of the match would be forced to pucker up and plant their lips on the backside of the winner.

How anyone thought either man would be able to retain dignity or be taken seriously after such a humbling act remains a mystery. There was no way Rock was losing, Gangbang caught on tape as the face of the WWE, which meant Gunn would waste all of the momentum that he had built on one moment that would ultimately kill his push.

To make matters worse, Gunn had brought a heavier woman to ringside and planned on having Rock Figure skating pussy her ass. It backfired and Gunn found his face shoved in the woman's ample posterior.

He was an abusive boss who Cara delevigne lesbian off on humiliating his employees. He loved to prove to the world who was in charge and he did just that by forcing the men and women that worked for him to pucker up and literally kiss his ass on live television.

It helped get William Regal over as an even bigger heel than he already was and became a staple of McMahon's feuds throughout the mids.

Two grown men fighting to avoid having to kiss the other's ass? Not so effective. Erik Beaston Contributor.