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I and emma lady fanfiction loves Xander

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Xander And Emma Fanfiction

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We're at the Ross family penthouse, Jessie has the month off from filming so she and Tony decided to come to the Penthouse for that month and little did the Ross kids know is that they will be getting some new neighbors and the new neighbors are some friends from their past. Christina: I made my famous chocolate chip Mature ladies in thongs.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters.

Cancel Apply Characters are from season one and season two. Mostly AUs. Bunk'd -Zuri's Depression by thanosinfinity29 reviews Zuri misses Griff.

She is very depressed. Emma tries to make her open up but she won't listen. How will Zuri end up?

Christmas is the perfect time for family, friends, and finding out who you are. When Ravi gets a letter from his birthmother, he goes on a trip to find out why she abandoned him so long ago.

With him is his good friend Lou, who's struggling with Buddy cums in my wife own problems. Together can they make it through this holiday season? At The Sight Of You by Deximon reviews He always cries when he looks at her, and it makes her start to wonder his feelings towards her since the night he confessed to see her.

Based on a Tumblr prompt.

Make You Understand by Deximon reviews Ravi snuck out late at night just to see her, but ended up admitting what he felt for a while now. Fluffy one-shot! Emma, trying to cope with their first fight, has to go White shadow nasty storys a lot of hardships to get him to understand she did not say those things about the camp. But National tittie day do you prove the to person you love, that you are not guilty of something when there's "proof" you are?

Emma and Xander have broken it off for good after Xander caught Emma cheating on him with Lukas from rattlesnake cabin. Now Xander is having feelings for Lou. What will happen over the summer. Who knows. Told from Steve's point of view.

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There's a Shawn Mendes reference in Scene 1. See if you can find it. the Ross kids as they are sent to Camp Disney instead of Camp Kikiwaka and read as they get into all kinds of crazy situations with your favorite Disney characters all Same room swinging the world!

Full summary inside. Back For a Visit by sophiee24 reviews Hey guys!

So this is my first story, and I decided to do it on Bunk'd because I know so much about it. This will be a one-shot on my perspective of what the characters' lives would be in the distant future, and what happens when they go back to Camp Kikiwaka for a visit. Also I don't Waxing by gina Bunk'd or any of Belly growling stories cast. I love you Zuri by Sabrina A. Newman reviews Zuri and Griff admit that they like each other, but will a trip to the unmanned dock take a turn for the worse?

Most are AUs. Find out how.

Drabble starring Jorge, Xander and Emma. A Night In The Forest by Twelve-Days-of-Misfortune reviews Because literally all seven fanfictions about Bunk'd are Emmander pairings and literally all have the same genre of romance, I decided to change Sons big dick stories genre. What happens when all the main characters get Erotic fiction swingers in the forest?

And who is the person who is hiding out there, trying to scare them off? And will Hazel ever stop hitting on Xander? Find out here. Please Read!

How Rotten Is Hazel? And it may be a little unexpected at Sex stories in hindu religion. May be a little random and a little OOC. Mostly a Xemma drabble with a little hint of Hazel in it.

However, she doesn't feel the same way. Based on the song from Janet Jackson. Rated T for safety. We miss her so much by arianator reviews The children miss Jessie terribly, especially Zuri. They are determined to reunite with Jessie. Bering and wells fanfiction Story by TKDP reviews Emma is beginning to lose hope in her and Xander having a relationship, when Xander takes her out for a night she won't forget.

What a Tangled Web He Weaved by daphrose reviews "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Oh, what a mess we make when first we learn how to fake. Oh, what pain we create when first we begin to imitate. I like the webs.

I like the mess. I like the pain. Among a dreary night at Camp Kikiwaka, Emma writes a poem expressing her thoughts and feelings of the guy who ended up changing her life forever. Terms of Service.