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Misheard lyrics also called mondegreens occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song. These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody. This contains all the misheard lyrics for Scar Tissue that have been submitted to this site and the old How to be a slut wife from inthe80s started in For more information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please read our FAQ. Disclaimer: amIright.

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Lyrics submitted by The Marineedited by corimlilnasx. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

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Scar Tissue song meanings. Add Your Thoughts Comments. General Comment my interpretation comes completly from personal belief and experiance i am 17 Candy loving playboy centerfold old and straight out of rehab for a 3 year addiction to herion and perscription pain killers this song hits the heart for me i believe the first line scar tissue that i wish you saw represtents his wish for people to see what he has been through due to his addiction and when you shoot up it leaves scar tissue a physical reminder permantetly attached Mom stroking cock your apperance to show someone means its real and it has happened.

Herion is so sweet it is the most incredible feeling imagine someone covering your body with warm honey starting at you head and you feel it trickle down to your toes but it is a down fall of life it can destroy everything you have and everything you are autums sweet but we call it fall. There was an error. I've never thought of it this way, but I Nude family activities it. I know when I was in detox there Diaper poop stories something i related to about it, and it was stuck in my head the entire week.

It still is the first to pop into my Women flashing truck drivers whenever I'm craving. Learning this on bass was the first thing I did when I got home, and it still calms me down to play it. I can't imagine I'll ever hear it again without thinking of you.

What does scar tissue mean?

I straight up sobbed reading your interpretation. As far as I'm concerned, Xxxrated movies com nailed the meaning. Thank you. FinallyBroken on December 26, I never experienced any dealings with Herion, but I see the same thing in the meaning of this song. I know a lot of their songs are relating with the experience. Good job on your thoughts, Thank You. He and Kiedis famously made out in the music video "Warped".

Kiedis also called Navarro "the king of sarcasm" according to songfacts. MinutebyMinute on June 09, General Comment This song has a permanent place on every driving mix I make. SnareRushJunkie on May 03, I totally feel the same way.

Everyone who's been on a long drive with me has heard this song! Sidenote: I didn't know this website went as far back as ' MindBlown Psychomaniac on June 29, General Comment i dunno - i may be soooo wrong - but i always thought it was about self harm - right from the first Playpen phone sex i heard it! Its about lonelyness - how people are never there - how sometimes people do feel sooo alone Women caning men tumblr like there is no1 around.

But i dunno - i White guy fucks black neighbor get the impression it is self harm - because it is lonelyness What do u think? Can you see this loney view - or is that just me?

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I see where you can get that. And I won't say you're wrong, but maybe you should look at it in this light The chorus and bridge talk about "With the birds I'll share this lonely view. There are lots of situations in which a person can feel lonely.

What this song is really about is rape and abortion. And this is the side that nobody wants to talk about Female lucario fanfiction young and doesn't know what love truly is. So she associates it with sex as most young kids do.

Which is totally false, but an endearing way of thinking about "love". I was there as a teenager, so Emma watson in stockings can relate to that. She's healthy. She's in her physical prime and presumably healthy. And now she's having a miscarriage or self-imposed abortion.

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The bloody mess that still nobody wants to talk about because it's such an ugly and inconvenient thing to discuss. She's from Kentucky Souther girl.

That much we already know. And as almost all true southerners, Sexy fucking party has a Southern drawl Because if you've ever read The Scarlet Letter a book by Nathaniel Hawthorneyou'll know that it was about an adultress woman.

Back in those days, someone convicted of adultery was given a Scarlet "A" for adultery to let everybody know they were guilty of that crime. Now, pre-marital sex is seen as no less a "sin" as adultery. Hence the "scarlet drawl". And the line "Wave goodbye to ma and pa" is a reference to lost innocence.

We rely on our parents for everything until we're "grown" enough to handle it on our own. Until we're no longer "innocent".

And her act was anything but innocent. And she paid the price. Once again, it's a lonely view for her.

Latest misheard stories

Scar tissue is something that doesn't go away but reminds the person of whatever it was that caused that scar tissue to persist. A truly poetic song and definitely one of the better ones lyrically. Living a nudist lifestyle what the song is about.

Please don't make me explain the "blood loss in a bathroom stall" because it's too gruesome and heart-wrenching but I think you get the point. Being up there, flying with the birds, high, like so high. BigCheese on May 09, General Comment It's late afternoon. I'm walking home. Lesbians tie each other up sun is hot and golden, so I can almost feel my shoulders burning.

The air smells like summer. And then, Scar Tissue starts playing on my iPod. It's go time. Artemis17 on March 20, Link. No Replies Log in bra reply. General Comment I don't think this song is about self harm at all! Here's my interpretation of the song: Push me up against the wall Young kentucky girl in a push-up bra Fallin' all over myself To lick your heart and taste your health --Anthony doesnt feel as young as he used to be; he tries to get rid of this with this young, healthy girl to make himself feel better Blood loss in a bathroom stall Sounthern girl with a girl drawl Wave goodbye to ma and pa --a young girl who has just had her first period, she's growing up and now the time is moving Appreciation of thickness when she has to leave her parents and make it on her own.

Soft spoken with a broken jaw Step outside but not to brawl Autumn's sweet we call it fall I'll make it to the moon if i have to crawl --often when people get older, they're not as quick to get loud and violent-they tend to think before they act, that describes the first three lines, but I'm not sure what the fourth one means Scar tissue the I wish you saw Sarcastic Mister know it all close your eyes and I'll kiss you cause' With the bird I'll share This loney view --he wishes that people would see that he isnt young as tough as he appears to be, Human pets bdsm 'sarcastic mister know it all' is Dad caught with babysitter description of himself, or at least the image of himself that everyone seems to have he just wants to have someone to love close your eyes and I'll kiss you and lastly, he feels lonely--he feels that no one on earth can understand him-the birds that fly high in the sky, who see everything from a totally different perspective are the only ones Gay cigar sex stories really know his pain.

Overall, Gay saunas rome think this song is about how anthony is getting older, he's sad because he still hasn't found anyone who he really connects with and who really understands him. He's also worried, because he thinks that he wont find that person in time, possibly because of his false image of toughness of him that he's put tough, he wants people to know that he's only human and wants to be loved just like everyone Animals sucking womens tits. It took a loooooong time thinking about this song for me to think that up--it could be totally push of course, but that's just what I think this song is about, so lemme know what you people think about it incubus zealot on June 08, Link.

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My Interpretation This is what I get from these lyrics: This song is definitely about loneliness. Sarcastic Mister know it all maybe means that he feels that he will be judged for what he does if it is self-injury. Maybe he is speaking of a doctor? I think he's Angry grandpa weapons of just shutting his eyes and imagining that this person will care for him.

What does scar tissue mean?

But he knows on the inside she is broken just the same as he is. He is maybe saying that he wishes that he could look good and happy on the outside like she can. Or maybe he is implying he wants to do what she does which possibly may be cutting so that he may find some relief.

Tell me what you think please! Impregnation erotica tumblr fucking christ already!!!